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  1. Support. There should have been a forfeit button a long time ago. I think it will reduce the amount of times someone just waits for the timer to run out. I think some people just don't know about relogging to forfeit duels, I'd be surprised if they all wasted eachothers' time out of spite.
  2. Too bad Samurott can learn superpower.
  3. That's actually pretty cool. Do they work and can you pass them on as eggmoves?
  4. Sell on GTL as breeder, pay more attention when killing hordes in the future.
  5. Can someone make one of these for UU and NU? I suspect those tiers will become more popular when there is a guide like this. I'm interested but don't know where to start with breeding.
  6. Just mail me if I´m not online, I´ll pay for the mail lol.
  7. These are the final movesets, cba going through pokedex Gengar Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb/Focus Blast/HP Fire Tyranitar Rock Slide/Crunch/Pursuit/Superpower Haxorus Swords Dance/Dragon Claw/Low Kick/Aqua Tail Salamence Flamethrower/Earthquake/Dragon Claw/Brick Break Jellicent Recover/Scald/Taunt/Shadow Ball Scizor Swords Dance/Bug Bite/Bullet Punch/Superpower Volcarona Quiver Dance/Fiery Dance/Bug Buzz/HP Electric I will send the last 4 when you finish
  8. PM me in game when you can help exp train, I evd them all and im currently leveling to 50.
  9. Hi, Would you train already EV´d mons from around level 30 to 50 for 20k each? I wil have a lot of those soon, around 20...
  10. First is ghost/grass but I think 2nd and 3rd are just ghost. I could't spore the first one but I could spore the others.
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