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  1. Imbalance

    EV's service & LVL50 service RE OPENED.

    Some need to level over 50 before evolving for moves. Adamant Growlithe LV50: 6HP 252Att 252Speed (Learn Flare Blitz / Keep Close Combat) Impish Growlithe LV50: 252HP 6Att 252Def (Learn Flare Blitz / Keep Morning Sun) Bisharp LV57: 252Att 6SpDef 252Speed (Learn Iron Head & Swords Dance) Breloom LV50: 252HP 252Def 6Speed (Learn Leech Seed & Spore) Shellder LV61: 252Att 252Speed (Learn Icicle Spear & Shell Smash & Hydro Pump / Keep Rock Blast) Dragonite LV55: 70Att 252SpA 188Speed (No moves)
  2. Imbalance

    Koop's breeding service

    Can I just pay you to EV train and level my comps? At least you'll profit from that. Don't see how you can breed that cheap and not lose money...
  3. Imbalance

    Koop's breeding service

    You´re going to lose money.
  4. Imbalance

    ¤·Kassondra's EV Boot Camp·¤

    Hey, do you still play? I have many UTs.
  5. Imbalance

    EV, IV and Training Shop!

    Hey, I am breeding 24 comps at the moment and I'm interested in your service. How much for full EVs + lvl50? Ev-ing usually gets them to level 30 already, do you charge those levels too or do you charge it like 2x19k + remaining levels to 50? Is there any discount if I give you 4-5 mons at once that need the same EVs? (It's a lot more time efficient for you with 5 exp shares.) And just a tip. I'd charge way more for higher levels. Level 100 takes like 10 times as much exp as level 50.
  6. Imbalance


    First is ghost/grass but I think 2nd and 3rd are just ghost. I could't spore the first one but I could spore the others.
  7. You dont need comps. Get 2 mons with Toxic/Substitute and a super effective move and buy a ton of revives and hyper pots.
  8. Thank you so much for this. Please add some other OU builds for: Starmie, Gyarados, Azumarill, Wobbuffet, Scizor, Skarmory, Kingdra, Tyranitar, Pelipper, Torkoal, Salamence, Metagross, Lucario, Mamoswine, Darmanitan, Archeops, Reuniclus, Mienshao, Bisharp, Volcarona) Maybe a list of items, abilities and moves that would be used but aren't implemented yet would be a good idea to add into this guide.
  9. Imbalance

    Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    Mailed you in game about a special task
  10. Imbalance

    Cheels' EVing Service & Store

    Shroomish(Evolve) HP6 / Attack252 / Speed252 Keep Bullet Seed Learn Mach Punch(23) Eevee(Jolteon) HP6 / SpecialAttack252 / Speed252 Moves irrelevant EDIT: Already got them back, it took less than 24 hours, I rate this thread 8/8 m8.
  11. Imbalance

    Real time and Server time

  12. Imbalance

    [Sig] Signature Rating Thread

    ^ I like walrein 8/10     I made it with paint lol
  13. Imbalance

    [Sig] Signature Rating Thread

    how is mine

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