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  1. Thank you that is Nice, so I think I will keep that togekiss on the mail, at least until I find a way to explote his potencial with those 4 x 25 ivs
  2. Hello, Looking on my email I got the togekiss from the pvp rank week reward which I have not claimed it yet. Also I just checked and I have older emails of pokemon prizes that I won on some cc tours and I have not claimed them as well. So my question is if is there any deadline to claim those prizes or I can save them on my email without fear that they could turn obsolete and claim them in the future.
  3. Hello, when try to claim the togekiss from the Ou ranked reward gifts, It doesn't allow me to choice the 2 moves (doesnt display any move), which causes that I can not claim the togekiss, someone else has this problem?
  4. Nice since you got the (CC #194) I used 3 different Reuniclus. Quarterfinal vs Superman: Reuniclus with Acid Armor, Calm mind, Psychock and Recover. I used this since I change one of my supports for Crobat so I could have the taunt control in the match instead the follow me. This Reuniclus was very effective since my opponet actually used the same Reuniclus lol. Semifinal vs Gasaiyunosan: Used the clasic Trick room set but I didn't have the chance to use during the match, but at the late game that would be very usefull since her last remaining pokemons were Kingdra + P
  5. Thanks for that but I dont think that necesary, since this is a Reward which is give from the host and their personal and objective perspective It's fine if they chose whoever they want for whatever reason. Players with same score happened in other tiers and that got fixed. Criterias are subjective and that understandeble at least for me. No problem for the Banner too, I barely use this forum lol
  6. oof Since im being quoted I will say some words First congratulations to Ziggs and all the players that got awards, you all did god efforts to diserve it and I hope you all the best. About this, you opinion is acceptable, actually he is a great player and I dont claim to be best than him or anyone else. I'm not the average EGO player of this game, and Im sure everyone that has been in touch with me can confirm I have a very sporty and good spirit. Finally the best thing that I got from this tour was the fact that I meet some awesome dudes in Venezu
  7. vs InuyashaL in like 10 minutes World Cup: 5 wins - 0 loses
  8. Team Name: Aogiri RE Team Tag: RE Registered Players: Ryosuken, CamiiNeko, EagleMana Iuisito, Juaie, KokenoCastro, GasaiyunoSan, Guillex, Xsterror, DavamanoBLA, Darkartz, KatyePerryEsp, MorriganUWU, Chelo Team Captain: RYUSOKEN
  9. https://gyazo.com/f9b67038528ce2d4fefc409b6ade76c5 I won
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