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  1. Hello everybody. As everybody know the world cup already finish. We wanna say Congratilations to France A who won the championship. The second place is Colombia and the Third place is Belgium. The fourth place is for Spain A who made an awesome rush too. Thank you everybody for the support and special thank you for the hosts who always been here helping. Thank you to MMO staff for helping us to make this and sorry for all the issues. I hope everybody still having some fun in the game and see ya in future events. - 1st Place Prize - France A 90 M & 10 lava coockies for the team (I know is cookies not coockies) ◾ - 2nd Place Prize - Colombia A 22 M for the team & 5 lava coockies, 10 castelia cones ◼️ - 3rd Place Prize - Belgium 10 M for the team & 5 catelia cones
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