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  1. well i cant go back, it doesnt let me, im stuck out here by this shit gym and i cant do nothing
  2. love to know how you got lv 20+ pokemon when everything one shots them or the exp is so low
  3. and you cant global trade till "4th badge" sure, let me go catch a wild lv 14 pidgy who kills all my pokemon and use that, oh wait, every trainer and gym leader can 1 shot that with any skill in the game when i use it, but when im fighting it, its the most broken thing in the game
  4. kinda hard to level something that only get 49 exp per thing in the wild, and the trainers all use magnitude and 1 shot everyone, i mean fuck a rat will spam quick attack and kill the whole team before it dies, how is this enjoyable? like this is the second damn gym i shouldnt be wanting to rip my damn hair out at this broken ass shit on the second gym
  5. Also why does everyone i put to sleep wake up one turn later? like this is some broken ass shit
  6. On top of that, she ALWAYS goes first, and the exp you get from wilds is shit, the trainers spam cheap skills like magnitude thats always 6+, and you hardly get any variety of pokemon besides pidgy and rats, shes one hit killing, my nidoran M and F, mankey, clafairy, bellsprout,
  7. I understand its a MMO and suppose to be harder, but jesus fuck, water pulse spamming killing everything weak to water or not in one hit? how is that even the slightest bit enjoyable
  8. Explain to me, how dying to the second god damn gym leader over 20 times, how they SPAM water pulse, which one shots EVERYTHING, including pokemon that are NOT weak to it and only one or two levels in difference is acceptable. This is absolute shit, the SECOND gym leader should be nowhere NEAR this hard to kill or have such broken ass skills to one shot everything before you can even do anything, and whats worst is SHE ALWAYS GOES FIRST. So explain to me how this is acceptable
  9. What would any of you recommend for a mod on the battle animations on the pokemon? id like to know if there is anything out there that might have the pokemon modded to look more like actual b/w/x/y type graphics
  10. also is there a benefit to downloading all the ROMs
  11. what do you mean by link? like a party system?
  12. So if i download the ROM for black/white, do i need to download all the ROMs for the other ones to enjoy it all? or will the white/black ROM be enough. Is there any limit to this game? such as limited storage unless you pay for more storage such as micotransactions ? Is there any limitations to wanting to play with a group of people id like to bring in
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