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  1. Are you talking about themes? You may want to check creative media for theme changes for the GUI
  2. have you considered working for apple tech support? Think you'd do a better job then most there haha
  3. Hello guys! I played PokeMMO a long while ago, and decided to come back and give this game another try. The idea that spurred me into playing again will be roleplaying :) My favorite Elite Four member ever has always been Glacia as my first pokemon game was pokemon Sapphire and her design and pokemon captivated me the most. Once I get through the story I plan on becoming an ice type specialist and training teams of ice types to battle. I look forward to playing with everyone and please wish me luck on my icy journey! My in game name will be "EFGlacia" since numbers aren't allowed so feel free to chat with me if you see me :D
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