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  1. i sugguest that players who meet or breed a shiny pokemmon should be excluded from shiny judgement ,and this state will keep some online time(i havent thougth about how many hours online should be yet) Reason: ok,i must remetion my guess on shiny judgement,in a word, pokemon distribution decides players distribution,and makes some areas a big sample,there is a high rate to meet a shiny pokemon in these big sample area ,and luckiest player but not hardest working player will get this chance.So if you are lucky enough,you can meet a shiny in this big sample area and get another shiny pokemon when moving to another big sample area. Give one fact I've seen recently, this player meet a shiny sixtales in Abundant Shrine at 11 am and then meet a shiny Litwick in Celestial Tower at 2 pm(maybe i remebered the wrong time,but he got this two shiny pokemon in short intervals and showed on local chanel) Even more legendary is that i saw a player who meet 2 shiny pokemons in half hour in the same area,Shiny Skarmory and Shiny Donphan in SevaultCanyon,i still have the screenshot and these players' IGN. Everyone has a 1/30,000 shiny rate, it seems fair when you play offline game,but pokemmo is a online game,i think there will be super lucky guy and super unlucky guy in a pure or close pure rate online game. 1/30,000,the extremly low rate leads to the slow occurrence of shiny events which covers up the unfair facts. i think that adding this state will make game more fair and designer dont need to spend a lot of energy modifying existing system. But there must be some incompleteness in my thinking.thank you for your patient reading and welcome dicussion.
  2. Hello,GapBear,i am sorry i cant agree with your idead about refresh time of shiny, the number of shiny pokemons that your team meet is computation of coincidence probability.Many players hunting together make the shiny event happened but not refresh time you mention , if you make hunter fewer you cant get same result.For example, For example, there are a lot of people hunting hordes of x5 dittos. When someone of them meet first shiny pokemon, there won't immediately be a second shiny pokemon as you said.Your team can get a second or even third shiny pokemon because there are enough people in your team, but there are not enough people where the hordes of x5 dittos are . They accumulate slowly, they meet one shiny after a long accumulation, but they can't accumulate a large amount of data in a short time to get second or third . 你好,GpaBear,我很抱歉我不能赞同你的"闪点"观点,你的团队遇到的闪光精灵的数量是巧合概率的计算。许多玩家一起狩猎会使闪光事件发生,而不是因为"闪点",如果你让猎人更少,你就无法获得相同的结果。例如,X5百变怪的地方人多吧,当他们刷到一只闪光精灵之后,并不会像你所说的那样立马出现第二只闪光精灵。你的队伍能第二次甚至第三次次获得闪光精灵是因为你的队伍的人数足够多,而在百变怪的那里的人数不够,他们累加的速度慢,所以他们再经过漫长的累加后才获得一个闪光精灵,但是不能在短时间内累加大量数据而从获得第二只闪光精灵。
  3. yeah,obvious, But what i want to know more is that i think data accumulation depends on area,if some players hunt together on like 18 road , and other players hunt together on like 9 road, this case the data accumulation should be separate calculation i guess. And based on this, personally,keeping hunting or breeding in the same area or channel is very important, if you always change your hunting or breeding area,you will be more like a helper but not a scorer.
  4. Let me suppose an unreal example,If hunting 60,000 pokemons there will be 1 shiny pokemon.If you hunt 60,000 by yourself and no other players take part in,the shiny pokemon must be yours.But it really take a lot of time and energy.Organizing a team to hunt 60,000 pokemons take less time, in other word , it imporve the efficiency and accelerated the process.But only the luckiest player of the team can meet this shiny pokemon.This is what i mention about Helper and Scorer.
  5. Hello Guys I decided to leave a month ago,i just can't give up the friendship and miss the happy time in pokemmo.and now i start playing it again. During the month , i thought a lot of the Shiny Judgment in pokemmo,i will try my best to express with my average level English. We know shiny judgement is an Binomial Distribution ,shiny or not shiny. And when the probability is very low,we can use Poisson Distribution to simplify the caculation. Here is shiny formula i think: P{X = k} = λ^k * e^(-λ) / k! X means Shiny Event , k means the Number of Shiny Events that happened, λ acutally is Expection = Number * Probability Let's make the formula easy: Shiny Probability P{X > 0} = 1 - P{X = 0} = 1 - e^(-λ) = 1 - e^(- Number * Probability ),if the number is not large, i think P{X > 0} ≈ P{X = 1}. As we know ,shiny probability of pokemmo is 1/30,000, so if we hunt 30,000 pokemons ,the Expection = Number * Probaility = 1,that means you are expected to meet 1 shiny pokemon, but the theorical probability is 1 - e^(-1) ≈ 63.21%. Here comes my First Viewpoint, Data accumulation is conditional ,Shiny judgement depends on regions. I guess the system divides all game maps into many areas, and each area has a subsystem to manage, including the shiny judgement. The data calculated in different regions will not be superimposed, but will be computed independently.I witness that Chinese players organize Shiny Hunter Team many times,they keep hunting hordes of x5 pokemons together by using berries for an hour in an area, and after an hour hunting , they change the area whether shiny event happened.The peak number of Shiny Hunter Players is estimated to be 100. Let's do the caculation,assume :100 players ,2 hordes of x5 pokemons per minute ,keep 60 minutes for an area. P{X > 0} = 1 - P{X = 0} = 1-e^(- N * P ) ≈ 86% because of the large numebr ,we can't regard P{X > 0} as P{X = 1}. P{X>1} = 1 - P{X = 0} - P{X = 1} ≈ 60% P{X>2} = 1- P{X = 0} - P{X = 1} - P{X = 2} ≈ 33% P{X>3} = 1- P{X = 0} - P{X = 1} - P{X = 2} - P{X=3} ≈ 15% Shiny Hunter Team can get 1 or 2 shiny pokemons most time if the members are enough, get 3 very rarely,and get 0 when a few members in an area for an hour.The actual situation accords with the calculation results. If the shiny judgment of the whole map is handed over to just 1 system for judgment,So the Shiny Hunter Team in a short period of time to brush out huge amounts of data to accelerate the shiny judgement, the shiny event must be in the area of the team? Players in other areas should have equal opportunities. But in fact, shiny event happened quickly where the team is , which i guess that the shiny judgement depends on regions (also the channels). Here comes my Second Viewpoint ,it's about Helper And Scorer. First, I want to introduce a concept of my own concept -----Shiny Critical Value,which means the system of the region has been submitted a lot of data leading to a shiny event .Let's assume there will be a shiny event next 100 pokemon hunting.Who will get this shiny pokemon? Of course you hunt more in this 100 you get high probability .But what if the same hunting(or breeding)?Everyone has equal opportunities.Not the player who is most help or the least help(may be a Novice or a passer-by) to make the Shiny Critical Value But the player who is the luckiest that can draw the shiny chance! No Wonder there are super lucky guys and super unlucky guys in game,Everyone can be Helper but only one is Scorer. I cant prove Shiny Critical Value and It's hard to quantify, maybe you get a shiny pokemon when the probability is 20% or until 90% .The concept i make my own is for the sake of good narration and it's all my guess. I'm not a professional, so there may be big loopholes.I'm looking forward to game designers' views on my guesses and thoughts. Thank you for your patience in reading my article.
  6. My role Id is BlueNose,previous account role Id is HZETTM(deleted), i have been playing Pokemmo more than 2000 hours totally, i enjoy pvp matching and shiny hunting,and also make many friends who don't know each other in reality ,also foreign friends like awkways. I am very grateful for gaming time and friendship.But you know,life is more than games,i can't always be 10 years old as Satoshi, it's time to step forward, i give all my money,vanities,and pokemons to some of my friends,i hope these trades and emails won't be regard as RMT. Thank you, all staffs for building such a good game. Thank you,my friends for the joy time we spend together. Goodbye,Pokemmo.
  7. ty,@Dibz @SecertDjinn, i have got the point---- manually. But i suggest that multiple accounts on the same device should be banned.
  8. Hi,guys,I have been playing this game more than 8 months ,i love it and really appreciate the rules of game,My English is not good and i will try my best to express my questions. Usually,we cant play more than 1 account on pc or laptop,but recently i found some players use Network Swimming Accelerator(tencent) that they can play more than 1 account on pc. For example,a player open 5 accounts to hunt shiny,the first account uses Sweet Aroma,and then select the second game interface , and the second account also uses Sweet Aroma while the previous account is in cutscenes. And so on. So my question can be simplified like that: Act1:playing game with one account - on -one device, like 1 account on 1 pc ,or 2 accounts on different devices by just same person same time. Act2:playing game with many accounts -on - one device ,like X(X>1) accounts on the same device by just same person same time. If i play 1 account on pc and another account on smartphone together , is it illegal? If i play game like Action 2 ,is it illegal? Thank you for answering me.
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