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  1. 您好,这部分是每天的凌晨4点会刷新
  2. 没用,但是目前好像也没看到有玩家模拟出群怪闪两个的
  3. 感谢反馈,我最近在做底层优化,要修改到计算器这里需要一点时间
  4. 2021-03-27 21:08 工具箱网站遭到恶意的大流量DDOS攻击,一分钟即被干掉(比3秒强一点),已将服务器做关机处理,明天早上再看看能不能恢复正常
  5. 道具携带是基于宝可梦而不是位置的,携带这个道具的宝可梦分布在哪,就可以去哪使用察觉小偷获取
  6. 倒计时2天.... 准备了很多很多很多红包用于奖励投放,以为会有应接不暇的作品提交,当初设想的情况热度类似社区拜年活动...目前只收到40多个有效作品,大家别客气(但也别太水了...) 嫖我!
  7. 2021-03-06 update Non-Shiny Breeding Cost Calculator url:https://www.noseblue.cn/#/BreedCost Its the oldest function i have made in PokeMMO ToolBox(PTB) (i remember it was about 2 years ago)since we were not so familiar with the breeding system then,i decided to make such a function to calculate the cost of non-shiny breeding. Before you use it there are some matters needing attention 1.not for shiny breeding cost calculating 2.not for male only pokemon breeding cost like Tyrogue family,they can only breed with dittos which are only wild-appearing,di
  8. 2021-03-06 update add an inner dex of berry in berry profit calculator for user checking the berry information
  9. 非常感谢大家的参与,现在公布今日(2021-03-05)录入名单,格式为xxx(论坛Id)-yyy(游戏Id)-ttt(标题): LingYaLan-LingYaLan- 准备起飞 ttpsh-ttpsh-边境军人 xiaozhihui-ARD-超可爱的猫娘萝莉 以上玩家的提交作品已被PokeMMO工具箱收录,并在今日24时之前发放红包奖励 同时,本贴之后的回复视作明天的提交,以上玩家可以再次提交新的搭配作品 另外大家要记得在截图里面留有游戏ID 小角色图必须是横向的三人小角色 截图大小最好是大于等于300x300,其次最好是正方形截图,实在不行就原样提交我来裁剪 今天忙还没收录,明天一起收录到网站,红包先给大家都发了
  10. 2021-03-05 Updated Berry Profit Calculator Url:https://www.noseblue.cn/#/BerryProfit Preface Ok,i am going to do a long speech again lol,the preface is about the story and the history of this function,you can just skip it and turn into the How To Use Part.Its better if you decide to take a read ^^ How To Use 1.set your seed prices or use the default one we provide. 2.determine a berry by choosing it directly or by using seeds formula 3.choose the model of berry profit:planting or peeling?and fill the holes and price params 3.1 plantin
  11. 创意很好看,但是少了大角色图,和时装数据图,请在原帖上尽快修改
  12. Hi players and staffs,i have been running a website named PokeMMO ToolBox over a year which supports a lot of data calculation / searching services,thanks for the staff YIBU he supports me the coding/original data i can automatically insert them into my database,and the game client also supports the dump of showing data which i just need to do some string processing that can change the showing data into coding data which makes it automatically insert into the database . But there is a big problem bothering me all the time that the pokemon's wild locations update so slient and irregularly
  13. 非常感谢大家的参与,现在公布今日(2021-03-02)录入名单,格式为xxx(论坛Id)-yyy(游戏Id)-ttt(标题): LingYaLan-LingYaLan-灵骨塔研究员 RickQQ-RickQQ-城市行者 以上玩家的提交作品已被PokeMMO工具箱收录,并在今日24时之前发放红包奖励 同时,本贴之后的回复视作明天的提交,以上玩家可以再次提交新的搭配作品 另外大家要记得在截图里面留有游戏ID 小角色图必须是横向的三人小角色 截图大小最好是大于等于300x300,其次最好是正方形截图,实在不行就原样提交我来裁剪
  14. 非常感谢大家的参与,现在公布今日(2021-03-01)录入名单,格式为xxx(论坛Id)-yyy(游戏Id)-ttt(标题): LingYaLan-LingYaLan-拜年套装 MadeInPokemon-MadeInPokemon-狂気なる地獄の妖精 Sevemsevem-AqiLqiqi-绿色使者 以上玩家的提交作品已被PokeMMO工具箱收录,并在今日24时之前发放红包奖励 同时,本贴之后的回复视作明天的提交,以上玩家可以再次提交新的搭配作品 另外大家要记得在截图里面留有游戏ID 小角色图必须是横向的三人小角色 截图大小最好是大于等于300x300,其次最好是正方形截图,实在不行就原样提交我来裁剪
  15. 这个是我应该加的,我一直忘记了, 另外你说的抓百变的那个事情,变身之后属性是会改变的,用捕网球按x2.5计算,我记得变身除了hp不改变,其他都改变,希望我没记错
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