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  1. Believe it or not depends on u. Btw I don’t know if timer still counts when I afk and get disconnected.
  2. maybe one and a half but I barely sleep those days. Got addicted to this game.
  3. And u complain about my complaints. Then i complain about your complaints? Now u pissed because u lost in complaint circle either?
  4. Rip Unova league but barely beated Hoenn league then got raped during second round. So I try to bring up some awesome pokemon... Sucked at money later then go for breeding. Sucked at money again then go for battle field for battle points and breeding items... Now sucking at bugs and stupid team... Sad life but thanks for your patience bro.
  5. Yeah I tried it again today and reported this bug... a smeargle using sleep powder faster than my Blaziken and Electrode... what the...
  6. i want to give either but i can't remember exactly... only remembered i checked from wiki 52poke one by one..
  7. Negativity Warning. For those who don’t wanna read complaints about this game, leave me alone. As a newbie I played about a week and have 178 gaming hours now. First time see a full speed EV allocation sandslash in Battle Arena in 50lvl battles and lost surprisly. So I suppose if I want to have a long winstreak here I need perfect Pokémons. However every breeding process is hard and long. I just want to get those battle points to buy items for breeding. And the worse thing is some NPC’s Pokémons are even able to learn moves they can’t even learn&some many many many of them hung on a kill... almost every NPC sky attack user have power herb while I can only use once...at least let me equip a new one after a match... Feeling mentally exhausted so I went to search some Pokémon’s. Then I used 23 poke balls to capture a wild torchic with red hp bar. Is that necessary to set capture so low when it was even lower than 6% hp.... Maybe I’m just too noob and everyone else experienced such things before. But personally to me these 2 things make me feel this game is a nonstop farming game rather than a happy leisure game. I got nowhere to get money, unfair competition against NPCs. Just feeling regretful and sad to spend time & money here.
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