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  1. Is this a soon for a new pokemmo or a pokemmo introductuon to Pokémon platinum region? if it is new pokemmo called pokemmo platinum that would be fun
  2. Something during storyline for trainers since we have level cap I am getting stumped on some gyms something like this before 8th gym there is npc and sign that says ”Carrying a grass Pokémon over ice will get you very far.” cause 8th gym can use grass pokes to defeat gym quickly like a team of 3 sceptiles
  3. Have the staffed called these servers or data centres? Who Evers coolest
  4. I think shiny rate should be 1/8000 like in the games
  5. Making new accounts I am forced to be aware of this and how it’s set to unova. i do think that unova is the quickest and easiest region to finish.
  6. yes I think unnova is too new for this ticket
  7. when npc(s) are pulling us places they are not taking away any repel steps, I suggest they take away how many steps we have left
  8. just starting this thread I want to update as I go I see a lot of content that is directing for speed runs and getting money through the storyline and game and that's it then starting comp play and pvp with this little bit of money this is a guide for the in between. First Things First Spend all extra money stacking Healing Items don't worry about pokeballs for now capture all of the pokemon you encounter: when capturing pokemon take the 1x31 2x31 and set them aside for extra cash make a box for them titled 1x31 and 2x31 for placing captured pokemon in take your time you will catch hundreds::holding onto these pokemon til the storylines are finished will come close to your first Million pokeyen::coming across a group of spindas with no repels you cant lose::::::::::for me this it led me back to throwing pokeballs at the npcs monsters, no reason to lose out on this early game breeding skip breeding early game unless your ready to ev train
  9. the npcs early game should all have 100 pokeyen more each
  10. Be able to buy full game ticket from gift shop for 50$ with hoenn and kanto beaten already with all 8 badges and all hms working and all storyline items in bag untradeable if you buy a full game ticket
  11. I agree or base 100 for outrage
  12. I’m asking if botting at 200% speed would ban my account I actually want to create a cheap account and name it dummytest1 and bot for an hour and time the bot catching capabilities of pokemmo I’ve never ever bot before and I am just curious I hate botting and would never do such for a personal gain but how long does it take to catch a bitter?
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