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  1. Eoqqqqq

    Quick Wishlist

    1-new roles for teams 2-button to cancel attacks 3 missions inside the game to get resources Example: speak with npc and he will give you a sum of gold for you to capture two dratinis
  2. Eoqqqqq

    Team War!!

    something like that, but in reality I wanted at least one new and good function for the teams of the game could even be team missions for the teams to gain some resources yes I wanted a better function for the teams I know something like wars, missions and etc ... thanks for understanding ^^
  3. Eoqqqqq

    Team War!!

    Hi I am eoqqqqq and good this is the first time I write in the forum so if I did something wrong sorry 1- Well I wanted to know why you do not implement a better function for the game teams ?? 2- example: a war between teams where the leaders escalate the players of the war and in the day of the battle each player chooses 3 pokemons and battle ?? and in the end the team that got the most results wins a reward? and that also had a greater reward for the teams that stayed in a good rank in wars ?? so why not ?? leave your opinions ^^
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