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  1. Team Name: Veni Vidi Vici Vixi Team Tag: [VVVV] Registered Players: Aerun, Draekyn, Parke, OrangeManiac, Zigh, Maksickatakomba, StriderxD, CHUCKunso, Razimove, HXIN, Samoerai, Imabetheverybest, Vorred Team Captain: Aerun
  2. Hi! This guide is meant to help newer players grasp how the tier works and help them pick the tier up, that's why there's a plethora of 252/252 spreads!
  3. Would recommend, nice quality for a very low price.
  4. OU - CristhianArce VS Chuckunso 500k on Chuck
  5. no worries, can you set a deadline?
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