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  1. What is at those routes that they require such a chore?
  2. I keep searching for my first shiny, maybe getting one of yours will lure another to me :) IGN: Ofelion
  3. I request an untiered matchmaking, my e4 team is now useless (Marowak, Poliwarth)
  4. For balance reasons devs decided that Hydreigon shouldn't learn Draco Meteor.
  5. OmegaLUL, how is he a better Arcanine? Worse ability, worse moveset, worse overall versatility. Entei would probably be banned from UU, but there would be NO incentive to use him in OU when Arcanine exists. That aesthetic maybe existed in vanilla games, but so did for Tyranitar for example (not obtainable before postgame). Their so called "rarity value" is not worth preserving, becouse they simply don't exist now. And please don't make me laugh by taking about "future". It's a total meme here.
  6. I understand there are lots of reasons why we don't have OPs like Mew2 or Kyogre. But I find it weird that we can't catch likes of Articuno or Entei, I bet they wouldn't even be OU. They wouldn't lead to any drop in difficulty or time consumption of gym and e4 runs.
  7. I don't think anyone who's spent 1000+ hours here would move to another "hellspawn".
  8. Then why they don't make it open source and let others with programming skills contribute their time?
  9. Tbh adding some kind of a quest system would be great. Game feels very repetitive without them now.
  10. I wanted to evolve my Eevee into Umbreon, however it evolved into Espeon, even though it was already a night in the game. Well, bugs happen. Is there any mechanic in the game to change Espeon back into Eevee?
  11. Wait wait wait, u wanna tell me that my freshly bred wooper will not be able to have unaware?
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