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  1. That's what I wrote I do. The point is we shouldn't do it to enjoy the game, it has sounds for a reason.
  2. When we are at it, please also let us remove the battle music for wild encounters. Right now I play with game muted and poke music playing on yt, becouse interrupting the route music with battle music is super irritating and gives me a headache.
  3. If you find the E4 too easy, you can rebattle it. It gets harder with each try up to lvl 100. There they even got tools unavailable to us - legendaries and hidden abilities.
  4. I've just found Drapion as a walking NPC in area 3, are there any other mons that show up like that?
  5. The pokedex data shows that they are obtainable only on the Great Marsh as Very Rare. My question is: do they appear only in a specific area, similarly to some species in Kanto and Hoenn Safari Zones or there's a chance to catch them anywhere?
  6. 1) Battle Tower singles is 2) It's not about being easy, it's about transparency and since we've got it in PvP we could also have it there
  7. Devs for once do something new, but of course there's always someone complaining and crying...
  8. I think it would be a good change to be able to see what 3 pokes our opponent has. Especially if one is using choice items it would allow him to make an educated decision instead of guessing if he locks himself into a right move.
  9. fu we need our kimono waifus
  10. What is at those routes that they require such a chore?
  11. I keep searching for my first shiny, maybe getting one of yours will lure another to me :) IGN: Ofelion
  12. I request an untiered matchmaking, my e4 team is now useless (Marowak, Poliwarth)
  13. For balance reasons devs decided that Hydreigon shouldn't learn Draco Meteor.
  14. OmegaLUL, how is he a better Arcanine? Worse ability, worse moveset, worse overall versatility. Entei would probably be banned from UU, but there would be NO incentive to use him in OU when Arcanine exists. That aesthetic maybe existed in vanilla games, but so did for Tyranitar for example (not obtainable before postgame). Their so called "rarity value" is not worth preserving, becouse they simply don't exist now. And please don't make me laugh by taking about "future". It's a total meme here.
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