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  1. I had not the HGSS ROM. Now it works perfectly. Thank you! :D
  2. I recently caught a shiny pokemon and I just remembered that when I put it as a follower so that it appears on the screen it appears like a normal pokemon. Is there any way to fix it?
  3. Finally! I don't know exactly how much encounters but more than 15k for sure.
  4. I need to see this ingame. It looks fantastic.
  5. Mostly manipulation because of rich people. The price of the GTL market is the big point of reference so if you buy a lot of vanities with a "low price" the point of reference is the vanity at a high price. Even if the prices go lower after a days, it's a lot of higher that it were. So basically yes, manipulation. Having in count that you have a lot of money, you can do whatever you want.
  6. @axx That's right, there was a 2016 halloween event that contained both mentioned costumes.
  7. I think my highest final score has been 19 with a friend. But in the leaderboard the record is 39 so I guess I'm doing something bad or I could do something better. Any tips? Should i do the event with another 3 persons? Or what pokemons should I choose at the start? Thank you ^^.
  8. It's the first time i see a limited vanitie going up the price up to 4m before 5 days of it's finalization. It looks like there are 2 options, or it drastically drop the price after a number of days because of more offer than demand or it goes higher. What do you think about?
  9. Oh I got the indirect answer haha. Thanks for the information ^^
  10. Thank you I will take an eye! I hope so :D Hype!
  11. Tomorrow starts the chinese new year event so I'm curious about it are we going to have it as an event in PokeMMO.
  12. Shiny raticate. 80k encounters with donator status and about 6k in this place.
  13. Well I catch the Dittos by myself and I can always have the posibilities to have a ditto shiny or with good IVS, so it's not that bad, I think that at a long situation It will be worth, but I can confirm that it's so frustrating.
  14. Yes, i did that and I'm hatching them now.
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