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  1. No PokeMMO Official Event on 1st February .That says all. If it isn't on 1st will probably be on 5th.
  2. Winged Helmet's are losing value right now because it's price was overated and the vanity market price it's going down. So IMO don't buy Winged Helmet's right now, you're losing money. Wait until the new year event.
  3. I'm curious. How much are you planning to invest in this vanity or how much you did?
  4. Do you think 50m is that much in one year for the first vanity that went up to +10m in less than a week after the xmas event?
  5. One thing I would like to talk about is that you need to open santa's present to have an absurd probabily to get it and they're 280k/each right now and only 6 pages listed. I think there are less winged helmets than wolf masks. So IMO this vanity will at least rise up to 50m this year if not more. And if @Darkshade talks with the admin's and they approve to make it colourable I won't imagine it's value. (I also think in the LNY event we will have a drop in price but until this event comes the price will continue rising).
  6. That's true but in this case I think it has gone further because every santa's present costs 190k. So it's cheaper to buy it at 7m than opening presents to get it.
  7. #2 First shiny of the year and the couple :D. Idk encounters again more than 30k hereinafter I will use Gilan's encounter counter to track it.
  8. Okay I didn't expect that climb. Now 5.3m seems cheap. Even with that I think is not worth buying now. It's so sad that every post I make of a vanity that is rising in price it continues so hard. I honestly invested 0 in this vanity(and I doubt I will lol) as I did with golden dragon mask I don't even have these vanities.
  9. As I did in it's moment with Golden Dragon Mask(+28m now) here is a post with the Winged Helmet to talk about it. Here we have the actual prices. A few days ago they were about 3.6m and now a lot higher. What's on with that price? The event has not finished yet. Is that difficult to get it from santa's present? Do you think it will drop in price as mage staff did? PD: Special mention to the wolf mask that they also increased its price a lot
  10. Well as you maybe know the santa's present went up to +1.3m(1m now). I played like 3 or 4 times but just up to the 1st boss. When you defeat him he gives to the team a big part but when you go out it isn't in your bag.My theory is that you need to defeat 3 bosses in one game to get a santa's present, but idk so I want to ask it on the forum.
  11. Unpopular opinion: this vanity is so obviosly good to be limited and is santa's sleigh. Doesn't make sense. Thanks staff for making it seasonal
  12. Also Merry Christmas to all of you guys! Nice job πŸ˜„
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