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  1. Up. Got Wartortle. Still looking for other pre evo starters and lickitung.
  2. Up with some Updates: - Seems like Porygon wasn't available on 2012 so I'm not looking for it anymore. - All my 2012 NPC pokes have been listed on GTL, if I get closer offers we can talk. - 1st day Aerodactyl and Mr. Mime sold. - Still looking for pre evo starters and lickitung.
  3. up after some weeks 😄
  4. You will have to compete with @BIood. GL with that
  5. That's rare but maybe something went wrong with the update. If it doesn't happens with other games I would try to reinstall pokemmo. If it's a common bug with the last update they will fix it in the next days/week.
  6. I don't think it's last pokemmo update fault. You should analyze your PC to see where the problem comes as it looks an external problem.
  7. That makes no sense. Limited vanities are limited for a reason and even with only old players buying that they would trade them to newer players and their value would be low.
  8. Ppl are asking 10th anniversary to come out and Kyu hasn't even changed his profile image.
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