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  1. Just when I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse
  2. Frags NikhilR gbwead wyqnibaba stairway Axoa Rendi Kupokun
  3. They have 3 different versions of the storyline. The canon storyline is Heavens feel which is a movie.
  4. My post is basically going to be a template off of a friend's post on Smogon that describes my feelings in a manner that is way better than I could describe: Congrats to Umbramol 's team on this week's win . I don't even know where to begin to describe my WC team, but it's safe to say that I don't ever remember teaming up with a few of these players this incompetent or useless in a very long time. I thought my worst WC team was behind me, but boy was I wrong. Thank you to these guys for reminding me that no matter how bad things are, they can always be worse. You guys make every competent player who has quit the game feel blessed or lucky that they don't have to witness the dumbassery that I do every week. @gbwead I promised you before WC that we'd have our game, and I'm sorry that it doesn't matter record-wise, but since this is going to be my last game of WC, I will play it like it matters so that it'll be a good one
  5. Lets do a rematch of @Umbramol and @Evlgoon then. #umbralivesmatter
  6. im surprised he had some after PSL XD
  7. The players should have the ultimate decision if modchat should be on regardless of hype
  8. Also could you turn on past broadcasts so we can see what youre about
  9. USA - Venezuela B OU NiKhilR vs ZacMorales - Saturday 7PM EDT UU aftershocker vs DarkCeGn - Thursday NU Titiin vs lFrankiel - Saturday 7PM EDT LC Cali vs EpicVerde - Friday/Saturday 5PM EDT DUBS xSparkie vs Guilleex - Saturday 11AM EDT SMOU Tianboizna vs tMoi - Friday 6PM EDT
  10. DUBS HaseKirie vs KingBowser Saturday 10 AM EST
  11. @SweeTforU i guess you won your shinies with only 5x31s
  12. Rest of Asia - USA OU xMikasaAckerman vs Senjutsuka Saturday 10PM EST UU Frosteye vs DoubleJ Saturday 10PM EST/7PM PDT NU SweetforU vs Titinn Friday LC Beebam vs Cali - Friday 11AM EST/8AM PDT DUBS HaseKirie vs KingBowser Weekend SMOU dinofish vs Tianboizna Tuesday Will update this post when I get the rest of the times.
  13. USA- Rest of Asia SMOU: Tianboizna vs Dinofish taking any amounts up to 1m
  14. @TohnR and @Zymogen are not American, please remove them from the doc for USA
  15. IGN: Drayyton Country : USA Tiers: Gen 7 OU, VGC2020, VGC2019, GEN 8 OU
  16. Nice i didnt know mexico wasnt the only place u r from
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