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  1. ign: Drayyton Timezone: US Eastern Tiers: OU USUM, MMO ou, dubs I beat frags one time with specs jellicent :^)
  2. is this still a thing ? sorry to bump an old thread
  3. drdray

    Team PC Storage

    Add a pc storage for items/pokemon for the team like WoW guild banks. Would give more incentives to play with and as a team. It would allow members to borrow pokemon or gather/contribute items for other members if they need them.
  4. Very fast, little hick up but very fast and cheap
  5. Please decrease the timer, its just boring and frustrating to play 2 super long ranked matches only to wait a couple hours to play another one.
  6. If i bought the braces could you make 5x31 + nature?
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