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  1. is this still a thing ? sorry to bump an old thread
  2. drdray

    Team PC Storage

    Add a pc storage for items/pokemon for the team like WoW guild banks. Would give more incentives to play with and as a team. It would allow members to borrow pokemon or gather/contribute items for other members if they need them.
  3. Very fast, little hick up but very fast and cheap
  4. Please decrease the timer, its just boring and frustrating to play 2 super long ranked matches only to wait a couple hours to play another one.
  5. Ok thanks for the advice. I might just make another post in the ou lab thread to build around 2 pokes .
  6. The team I am running is having a major problem against sand teams with hippodown and they have walls such as chansey and tentacruel. My teams is very weak to hazards and just dont know where to start to fix my team. https://pokepast.es/11b721af16169d8a . I also have a problem with rain teams and switching into strong special attackers such as opposing hydreigon. My gameplay is based on reacting to my opponent. I have had major success against balanced teams and offensive teams (not alot against hyper offense). My mmr is around 580 Hydreigon is used mainly for a wallbreaking. Dragonite is used for wallbreaking.  Volcarona is used for setup sweeping and to counter scizor Gyarados is used as my lead to counter rocks or to set up dragon dance if possible Krookodile is used for revenge killing or reverse sweeping with moxie when threats are gone. Sometimes i get stealth rocks down, most of the time i dont. Togekiss is a stallbreaker and status curer. (just added her to the team recently)
  7. If i bought the braces could you make 5x31 + nature?
  8. You would be surprised by the number of times it happens in real sports
  9. Hypothetically if I was in the world cup, and I was a top player. I could message one of my friends out of game to bet for me and on me to lose my match for an absurd amount of money and split the winnings. I'm not trying to rain on your parade just trying to help yall make the competition as genuine as possible
  10. I like the idea, but wont this just promote people throwing their matches?
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