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  1. updated the list today
  2. updated the list
  3. updated the list, pm me if your name isnt there if you mailed me.
  4. You said "garchomp makes stall unviable" well in reality porygon-z will make stall in uu unviable. there is no wall that can stop a nasty plot porygonz
  5. Hey everyone, doing a 1,000 RP raffle for fun 10k pokeyen per ticket out of 190/250 Mail the pokeyen and the amount of tickets you want to Drayyton and I will add you the list. Disclaimer: Since this is a raffle, you don't need to mail me a number. I will update this list once a day. Winner will be chosen after all tickets are sold or a month has passed. Staff member @Bearminator has the prize. Have fun!
  6. how long does it take you to finish a complete run?
  7. Ok, maybe not increase the size for the chinese time orientated tournaments but the lc officials midday for North America is usually always full
  8. I know that the size of Little Cup tournaments is supposed to fit the "Little" theme but I think there are a lot of players that get left out because the tournament size restricts it to 32 players most of the time. It would be a good thing if more people got to enjoy the tier by increasing the tournament size because there is no matchmaking currently for it.
  9. thanks for the thorough reasoning, quality post
  10. @MknsZblex can you fix your piictures plez? ty xd
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