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  1. 「Deviantart - Cynderen」「Discord - Cynderen #9428」 「Youtube - Cynderen」 「Instagram - Cynderenart」 「A801 - Cyndeh #0000」 Hello! Thanks for passing by this thread! I'm just someone who looks for a excuse to draw Pokemons. I accept constructive criticism so don't feel shy with me, I don't bite. 「Commissions - Open - 1 slot available」 「Commission Guidelines & Prices」 I might draw Trainers but no showing their faces since I'm still pretty terrible at it, no problem if you're wearing a mask There's only 1 slot available per Commission so you need to wait until the actual is finished I work on +5000px to make an illustration with the best HQ possible The service communication and WIPs will be done through Discord I don't do backgrounds Headshot - 500k Halfbody - 1M Fullbody - 2M Extra characther added will cost the 50% of one body range pointed above Divider made by AestheticAry on Deviantart
  2. Here's a bit of dumb questions of mine since I didn't find anything about this: I tried to login here with my pokemmo account but seems that both things are different, right? So I made this account, it's there some problem if my in-game account (not characther name) is different of this one? Also, currency is $1 usd = 100 reward points -Correct me if I made a mistake- (Also not pretenting to do any illegal stuff btw, since I'm planning to make art commissions for in-game currency/stuff in a future), so how much is $1 usd in pokedollars? vvv Thank you so much! <3
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