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  1. looks good for readers. I am fond of reading poems. But for me its hard to write poems. During college studying I have provlem with writing so apply to https://essayshark.com/ for getting help and advices. I work on improving my writing skills.
  2. I have plan to write same story in the future. I am fond of writing poems but not school essays. Lately I preparing to my homeworks but I am bad writer so will use additionalhelp from https://assignmentshark.com/
  3. Minecraft usually. I like to play different kind of online games. But I can not play them without one tool https://veepn.com/vpn-features/no-log-vpn/ which really works great without glitches. I want to try to play CSGO
  4. rush333


    What about soccer? I love soccer and basketball
  5. I am into Clannad too, but lately I was busy with studying and writing different admissions. When I am reading books I forgot about my stydying. Plus I need to study properly grammar because I have many mistakes in my writing compositions. Or I will need to get some help from services which I found on review https://*NO ADVERTISING*/
  6. rush333


    are you good at sport? what kin of sport is your favorite? I am fond of fitness and yoga
  7. rush333


    guys, do you read some fanfiction stories? or write them by yourself
  8. rush333

    Book Thread

    Few weeks ago I finished reading The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. It is one of my favourite books. This widely acclaimed novel tells the story of an innocent Londoner, who transforms himself into a reckless pursuer of pleasure and, eventually, a murderer. I made some attempts to write similar story by myself. But the results were not so good.. I had problems with literature and essays, because I cannot express my point of views. So, it was stressful thing for me. I used helping of paper writing service , I think to use such services could be effective too.
  9. i am not so perfect player in chess
  10. nice anime, i want to rewatch first season
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