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  1. Congratulations you're the first person to have encountered this issue
  2. how do you turn a 5 letter word into someone being passive aggressive lol
  3. wow 7 minutes in and all the questions are already answered, you guys are 2 fast 4 me ;_;
  4. How do I get those god forsaken trap mons to go back to ubers
  5. Wow, Another thread complaining about the same 6 things. Even if you don't realize it if you buy two amulet coins PER all 23 gyms you will make the SAME MONEY if not a little more than before the update rolled out, If you frisk for two amulet coins before gym runs you make even more money than before the update. Do your research before complaining about an update that you haven't fully experienced yet.
  6. Higher level cap, Progression in the story and of course gtl, Region travel. That's really it.
  7. Not that impressive, not to burst your bubble or anything just saying it's more common ish to see this than you think :p
  8. Try the Islands in kanto, 5, 6, or 7 all 3 should have meowth hordes i believe, goodluck.
  9. Same chance I think but who knows, As someone who pickup farms i haven't came across any difference between hordes and singles.
  10. Could've answered a little better imo it was just a question
  11. I don't even think fairy types will come to pokemmo but i could be wrong but definetly not within the sinnoh release if i had to guess dude
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