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  1. This is getting totally off topic. Please only reply if you have something useful to contribute or are actually commenting on the original post.
  2. I know you guys are just a small team of people that wanted to make something they dreamed of and what you've accomplished is absolutely amazing! Not only did you make something I've dreamed of for years, but you also did it in such a way that you've built a great community and I just can't get over how grateful I am to you guys!
  3. Sorry for the title, but it's a good thing I promise! My name's Falco, IGN lastthrow (planning to pay for change soon, this was never supposed to be my main character, but my team is amazing!, I want to donate anyway, keep reading I'm rambling...). My wife left me a couple of months ago and when she left she took everything... long story short, I wound up in a camper in the mountains in Colorado for 2 months, during which time my parents were covering my groceries (when i could get to town) and my phone bill. After being up there a while I stumbled across PokeMMO (I had internet
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