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  1. I think there is nothing like what happened to a friend recently. @GulySilver
  2. After a while without searching much, I'm back and surprise, phase 3 Pinsir Shiny. Scyther I'm coming for you! I still believe that the Nian Hood has powers. I have no idea how many encounters because I haven't counted them but 456 hours since the last Shiny.
  3. I was expecting everyone to say Gengar but only one said it. @MrPeruano It seems to me a lack of respect towards Gengarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. When Chansey's Lucky Eggs represented 1m and could only be traded with. You could not put money in the trade, only items. Good times, balanced economy.
  5. Merry Christmas everyone, may all your wishes and successes come true! ❤️
  6. Hello, I found your post interesting and I wanted to clear up some doubts, you said it yourself, yesterday the mage staff was 2m and then 6m? You must have had an intuition that you could go up and buy. The event bags, particles and more do not have exaggerated prices, there is supply and demand. If you want more, farm more, the bags start costing very little during the event, if they later increase in value it is because people want them, they are exclusive objects, more players, fewer objects, particles, bags ... I repeat, if you want to have more , you must try harder. You said it yourself, you do other things, there are those who prefer to farm 500 event bags and others meanwhile breed competitive, farm gyms and more, you just have to know how to choose or if you had bought the magician's cane at 2m and now it would be 6m you would not be happy? Another example, what if you spent all your farming on competitive, shinys and more while another invests in limited, bags? everyone has their reward, you your competitive and others their expensive bags. Patience is the key to success and above all you have to take risks and know how to choose, when, how and why. Greetings bro I hope you can go far, just make an effort, if others succeed, why not you?
  7. Claro que si bro! Como cada año ahi estaremos pero sobre todo gracias a vos por apoyar y esperemos farmear mucho este año. Sure yes bro! As every year we will be there but above all thanks to you for supporting and we hope to farm a lot this year.
  8. I only know that I am waiting for the event to begin with my friends to take the coffee machine to my room and farm a few days without sleep like every year.
  9. Hello, when will we have the Harden Hat? I share the idea of how it would be, I'm not good at doing these things but how great it would be done by someone expert, it can even have its Shiny version. A dream.
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