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  1. Claro que si bro! Como cada año ahi estaremos pero sobre todo gracias a vos por apoyar y esperemos farmear mucho este año. Sure yes bro! As every year we will be there but above all thanks to you for supporting and we hope to farm a lot this year.
  2. I only know that I am waiting for the event to begin with my friends to take the coffee machine to my room and farm a few days without sleep like every year.
  3. Hello, when will we have the Harden Hat? I share the idea of how it would be, I'm not good at doing these things but how great it would be done by someone expert, it can even have its Shiny version. A dream.
  4. I would think that it is your internet
  5. I said I was going to give it a try and here we are, second phase of the search for Scyther Shiny, Second Weepinbell Shiny. The search continues... Nian has powers. 5381 encounters and 42 hours since the last Shiny.
  6. I think it doesn't make any sense. less for 750 RP.
  7. Most players have shinys. Hunters there are many ... And there is no record of the collection you have or how many you captured. It is simply like having a collector's album or achievements. I don't think it is very difficult to implement and it would be really useful.
  8. English: Good idea, and that they also appear in a tab like Never Used, Over Used, etc. but "Pokemons Shiny Version", something like that, where they separate the shinys from their common version, to have them better ordered and be able to see them as a collection album. Español: Buena idea, y que también aparezcan en una pestaña como Never Used, Over Used, etc. pero "Pokemon Shiny Version", algo así, donde separan los shinys de su versión común, para tenerlos mejor ordenados y poder verlos como un album de coleccion.
  9. English: Hello, I would like to propose something basic but I think it would be great. The proposal and idea is that we can see / register the Pokemons in their Shiny version in our PokeDex, only if we have captured or bought them. Who wouldn't want to fill out their Shinys Pokedex to have a collection record? Just that, I appreciate all the comments and I hope you like the idea. A hug to everyone and enjoy your Pokémon adventure! Español: Hola, me gustaría proponer algo básico pero creo que sería genial. La propuesta e idea es que podamos ver/registrar en nuestra PokeDex los Pokemons en su versión Shiny, solo si los hemos capturado o comprado. ¿Quién no querría completar su Shinys Pokedex para tener un registro de colección? Solo eso, agradezco todos los comentarios y espero que les guste la idea. ¡Un abrazo a todos y disfruten de su aventura Pokémon!
  10. Nothing to say, I keep checking that the curse was broken. It wasn't Scyther but I'm going for it. Does Nian's hat have powers? 398 encounters and 6 hours since the last Shiny.
  11. Confirmed. The curse was broken, the first took 5 years. The second 100 hours later and here came the third, Ash's Pikachu. 8125 encounters and 42 hours since the last Shiny.
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