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  1. Excellent idea.
  2. Would be the best. It would give us greater simplicity when ordering our competitive, gifts, collections, etc. without having to have other characters just for that and being able to spend all the time in our main character.
  3. I don't know if celebrating the remakes but celebrating the 25th anniversary is a good idea.
  4. That changed a long time ago. If you do not have enough level to dominate your Pokemon he disobeys you therefore you cannot tell him whether to fight or not, he will not listen to you until he has enough level as a trainer (Medals)
  5. You should think about the problems of the majority of the players and not just yours. What about those people who want to save dittos, particles, breed shiny with box of dittos, competitive with many variants. save breeds, gifts ... We are talking about a great collection of shinys, not 30. Always remember that if you have 17 boxes full there will be people with 1 box full or people who no longer have space and here we are talking about the problem that happens a lot People like me who have large, competitive collections, particles and have run out of space, not people who still have space fo
  6. I think I'm the most beautiful anyway :3 gg
  7. You decide that you have 17 boxes occupied in competitive. Only for each tier, what happens if we want to breed 4 or 5 variants of the same pokemon, we have a BIG collection of shinys ... we keep breeds, dittos with particles, pokemons that we are capturing. The idea is to have a better order. 21 VERY little
  8. Deliburd

    Quick Wishlist

    1: PC expancion more of 21 boxes. It will help to have greater order of your competitors, shinys. etc 2: In the vanitys add to their side where it says "time limited" or "event only" to which year each vanity belongs 3: Being able to search our backpack for our vanitys as "limited time" "event only" "pvp reward" something like an advanced search inside our backpack to see only those objects I think they are 3 simple things that would help a lot in the gaming experience. A big hug!
  9. Hello. I do not know if it is the right place to propose my idea but here it goes. I would simply like to propose that the PC expansions be expanded to be able to save more pokemons. Although we can expand our pc to have 21 boxes when you have been in the game for a long time, many competitive ones, etc. are still few boxes, maybe 50 boxes would be perfect or something like that, but 21 is still little. Only that, I appreciate your attention and a big greeting!
  10. My personal experience: 4000 hours - 0 shinys.... its just luck. A shiny can appear in encounter number one or never. I repeat... just luck.
  11. the error was fixed a few hours ago with todays update. Reinstall the game to be able to update it and be able to play.
  12. Same problem and my antivirus detects it as a trojan. Im using Windows Defender.
  13. @NagaX @Ayzakk @GulySilver - We said goodbye to the event with the team in the best way. We could go on much longer but it was time to leave. See you next event.
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