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  1. Support RequestYou can go here and ask for help.If this does not happen after that, it may be just a small bug.
  2. You can chat with us in the official discord of pokemmo
  3. copy the roms to the roms directory when they open it through the ROM Management window
  4. Open your backpack and drag the shortcut bar
  5. Open finder, then find pokemmo right click and select open folder
  6. Hidden Abilities has not yet officially opened in pokemmo, but npc has these, you can also play these at the Battle Factory.
  7. I think it may be a problem with the controller. There is no problem with my PS4 controller.
  8. The subway is not yet open in pokemmo, you can choose to pvp to get BP
  9. In the game settings there are connection options for the controller, you can set it up
  10. This is not a problem with rom, you can try to reinstall the client, pay attention to choose the appropriate version
  11. I personally think that the probability that wild cha nsey has v is very high, but it is a bit difficult to encounter and capture.
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