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  1. ok live in 8 continuing kanto play through. feel free to join with an alt.. just finished pokemon tower.
  2. WE are live folks in 3. looking for that shiny lax!!!!
  3. Live in 5. Tonights the night we find shiny snorlax
  4. LIve on twitch, Tonights the night we find shiny snorlax!!!!!
  5. Ok Kanto Playthough with followers.. We are currently at the rock tunnel.. I'm running a full bug team.. Bug catcher mozzie has a good ring to it. Also parasect OP
  6. Live! hunting that snorlax, shiny, of course
  7. Ok live in 7 hunting that shiny snorlax
  8. Ok PvP Tonight! OU tier for me. Duels Welcome! Keep be awesome all of you
  9. I live folks!! Playing through kanto on alt with viewers if you wanna join we are almost to vermilion
  10. Live folks, hunting that snorlax, shiny, not stirred
  11. Ok live folks! Keep being awesome! I love this community !!!
  12. Ok Folks going Live , Playing through Kanto meeting new players and have fun. New account feel free to join in. I'm rolling bug only team. RIP
  13. Heyo Live folks.. grinding a bit tonight. :D love you all!
  14. Shiny hunting that shiny Lax tonight, LIVE RIGHT NOW :D
  15. We are Live Folks, Shiny hunting that elusive snorlax! we are chilling, max repelling, and having a good time . Stop by and hang :D
  16. Sunday the 24th I will be streaming from Noon CST til monday Noon CST ! 24 Stream, starting strong with pvp/hunting/grinding/team pvp/ ou tourney and more!!! Come chill and hang ( I have food)
  17. Live looking for shiny Lax tonight! Come chill and hang.. I will take viewer battles OU only tho .
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