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  1. live in four minutes , snorlax seeking snorlax
  2. Live in 4 minutes chilling with song request and shiny hunting the infamous shiny snorlax
  3. ok live in 8 continuing kanto play through. feel free to join with an alt.. just finished pokemon tower.
  4. WE are live folks in 3. looking for that shiny lax!!!!
  5. Live in 5. Tonights the night we find shiny snorlax
  6. LIve on twitch, Tonights the night we find shiny snorlax!!!!!
  7. Ok Kanto Playthough with followers.. We are currently at the rock tunnel.. I'm running a full bug team.. Bug catcher mozzie has a good ring to it. Also parasect OP
  8. Live! hunting that snorlax, shiny, of course
  9. Ok live in 7 hunting that shiny snorlax
  10. Ok PvP Tonight! OU tier for me. Duels Welcome! Keep be awesome all of you
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