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  1. Hey Live Hunting some Shiny Marill Song Request is on Memes are locked and loaded Im hyper LET GO www.twitch.tv/moxie_mozzie
  2. Live folks.. keep being amazing.. hunting shiny marill tonight..
  3. Chilling and hunting shiny marill folks
  4. Trying something new.. Pvp time ... duels welcome
  5. Ok time to Egg Hunt this lax ...... live in a few folks
  6. @blankf4ce naw my wife is just sick of me talking about pokemon :D
  7. I don't thing this is anything new. There must be some sort of exploit with disconnecting and sweet scent. I'd like to know what it is because for the life of me I can't think of one. You also get this message if you exit a player vs player match by force logging out (which a concede button would fix).
  8. Just wait until you are paralyzed for 6 turns in a row. It happens x.x RNG is crazy some times
  9. Woo! its nice to see this said! I'm super happy that PokeMMO is seeing growth!!!! its an amazing game and preach about it to pretty much everyone but my wife. Shes kind of sick of hearing about it!!
  10. Hey I appreciate it! Soon Tm.. Gunna have to egg hunt from now but I won't stop til I get that shiny
  11. Well maybe be more specific. You reduced the level to get rid of the repel trick because it was too easy(lucrative) to farm leftovers. I assume this since the majority of updates have effect current strategies to farm pokeyen. If that was the issue why not reduce the rate of which leftovers are held on said snorlax instead of taking away the current best way to farm snorlax encounters for shiny?
  12. Well confirmed. So now my quest for shiny snorlax takes a harder path. Egg hunting is now the fastest way..... unless *wink wink* the devs can make muchlax a horde *wink wink* in sinnoh :P
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