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  1. Using Magikarp for transform and netballs work really well if you are strapped for time but you lose income due to the cost of netballs. If your looking for profit, spamming pokeballs seem to be the way to go.
  2. oh thats pretty sweet :D
  3. Wait how was trapinch up there? what was it used for?
  4. if you have shiny snorlax we can best friends! on a serious note, getting into comp so always looking for duel partners
  5. I had a viewer in my stream tell me about it. Played with a few friends through story. Joined Lava, now i can't leave. Help me...... ;P
  6. Fun Stuff. Wasted some time with my fat fingers. Anyone else have fun with mobile movement pad?
  7. Oh a draft format for pokemon would be fun imo, hard to implement and require constant attention. This format would be pokeMMO specific and super unique. You have my vote.
  8. PokeMMO is pretty amazing! bravo
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