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  1. It's about npc item trading system. I tried to buy a rare candy from npc at pokemon center in Unova pokemon league, but whatever I have enough item or not, it always tell me item not enough. Could this be a mistake?
  2. I most hope to see that the first one is achieved. But except it, until now, the rest have not been realized, either. I hope these will be realized.
  3. This skill can steal from wild pokemon in the original game
  4. Returning items is just a battle with NPC or trainer, not wild pokemon. Is this intentional? Oh i know
  5. The information about this skill: Exchange carry-on items with the target. Note: Even if one party does not carry any items, it will succeed. Carriers exchanged between themselves and their targets are usually returned after the war, but the battle against wild pokemon will still be exchanged permanently. ......ellipsis When my pokemon noticed the wild pokemon held something, I tried to use this skill to exchange item with it (my pokemon held nothing) , the battle message showed that my pokemon got the item but in actually my pokemon didn't get this item and the target no longer held this item, either. So the method about this skill is not runnning properly. I think may this is a bug?
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