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  1. The game team changed this skill in a recent update, I don't understand how this is different from removing this skill directly, so can anyone explain why such a modification is made?
  2. You always say "SRIF" but ignore the actual situation. Like Hannahtaylor saied he meet his first shiny spent 3 years, but I see someone caught 5 shinies in one day.
  3. I see some Sinnoh region' Pokemon implemented in game. So when can I playing in Sinnoh region?
  4. I think, it will not implement. Even the small bugs are not repaired. I suspect they don't have time to add this large update.
  5. I may not say clearly.. I kill 5 wild pokemon in one battle and gain 6000 exp, the item should increase 600 exp for me (10%) but it just give me 120 exp.
  6. Kill 5 wild pokemon in 1 battle, calculate only 1 unit of experience increase.
  7. This is for Android. Newly appearing buttons or windows should not appear in front of existing windows under certain circumstances. The reason is this. More than once, someone clicked the escape button when they wanted to click the send button in the chat interface. Even someone lost shiny pokemon because of this.
  8. In pokemon black/white it can be obtained from npc. But in pokemmo it was replaced by Klang.
  9. This event looks like a hasty release... So that I saw it adjusted several times after the release.
  10. When trying to catch a Magikarp / Horsea or other wild pokemon which have 33.3% catch rate using poke ball, if they are sleeping, the catch rate should be revised to 100%. It used to be like this, but after the update,there is always a chance of catch failure when trying to catch in this situation
  11. I don't know if it is a rendering problem.Don't you think about correcting it?
  12. These things are really weird, even I saw a player meet 2 shinies in a encounter with a group of wild pokemon. I also saw a player escape from a battle with shiny but encounter a shiny again in the next battle.
  13. I see a player meet 4 shiny pokemon in one day.. Oh, actually, it's in one morning
  14. Base on the information i got, Christmas event will start after 1 or 2 day. Earlier time in today (my local date is 12/23), Saffron city appeared Christmas decoration but were cancelled after 20 minutes (heared from other player).
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