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  1. already released sinnoh?
  2. Olá tenho uma duvida e acredito que quem possa responder são os desenvolvedores ou responsáveis,não sei já perguntaram mas enfim pretendem colocar mais regiões os jogos de jotho e sinoh?
  3. Consigo pegar o feebas com a vara boa ou só com a super?
  4. hello my girlfriend has a problem in the game she goes in kanto is unova but when she tries to go to hoenn it does not give, it says that it is not loaded being loaded what to do?
  5. hello there is psyduck horde? If so, where?
  6. Has mareep in the game if yes where?
  7. Unfortunately it didn't work
  8. I started playing in Unova and the names of the Pokémon are in another language, I already downloaded another room to see if it changed name and still nothing, someone could and help
  9. Is it normal to use Sweet scent with one Pokémon and spend on the other too? Tava with two oddish with Sweet scent I used one and spent on the other
  10. Which Pokémon appear in the Pokémon mansion? In Hordas? Just found Grimer and koffing
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