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  1. I think I wasn't clear enough, even though I put an example. If I want to search for a 2x31 pokémon (there might be a cheap one in gtl...) to make my 6x31, I have to look for all different combinations of 2x31, which seems very long, and then repeat for 3x31, etc... to look for all the good plans in gtl to make my 6x31 cheaper than breeding from 1x31s.
  2. That would be great if we could look for 2x31s in GTL for example, instead of looking at hp-atk, then hp-def, then hp-spedef etc.. See this picture: Maybe it could be configured to search for 2x15+, 2x30+ etc, but having it for 31 would save a lot of time already. Thanks for reading, Have a great day.
  3. Please add English Pokémon names in non-english Pokédex entries (and in Pokémon profiles too). This is a big issue to non-English users out there that want to communicate with English users. When talking in [EN] chat, unless you know all the English Pokémon names, which is highly unlikely because you grew up with Pokémon versions in your language, you're going to have problems. It's great that when you link a Pokémon it shows up in the right language, but then if you want to discuss about it you're kinda blocked. Typically what I do is have an internet page opened up at all ti
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