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  1. TeamNerd

    Art Zone

    Important / Informative stuff:
  2. TeamNerd

    Art Zone

    Featured artists:
  3. TeamNerd

    Art Zone

    This thread is for club members to post any work of art created by them, or share any artwork which they like. Club members can appreciate artworks or request one from other club members too.
  4. TeamNerd

    PC Setups

    Important / Informative stuff for fellow & potential PC builders:
  5. TeamNerd

    PC Setups

    Featured PC Setups:
  6. TeamNerd

    PC Setups

    This thread is for club members to post their PC setups and discuss other details regarding the same. Console & other platform users can engage in discussion here too if they acknowledge that PC is the true master race.
  7. TeamNerd

    [Nerd] - Home of the like-minded

    Roster: Boss: Articuno Executive: Dennis TrippyAfro Commander: DaisyOak Seihwarheit Member: Ashu Venican TheEevee Suicune Lanaya
  8. TeamNerd

    [Nerd] - Home of the like-minded

    Team Motto: We'll let you know when we know. Yolo.

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