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  1. Hello, I introduce myself; I'm Saklad, in the game my name is Sakladcito. I came up with the idea that they could implement daily or weekly missions in the game. at the end of the story mode and completing the pokédex the only thing left to do is capture pokémon shinies and participate in tournaments / events. capturing shinies takes too much time, there is very little chance of there being any, and tournaments have big rewards, but that is for competitive people more than anything. most users like the events and get unique items from them, even though the events do not happen very often, and you never know if there will be any or not. That's why my idea is this; implement daily or weekly missions or both, give us some challenge / challenge and when completing it, receive some reward or something, or else they could implement experience levels and a global level ranking within the game, the experience points to raise levels could be get completing missions, in fact, I think this would give players a reason to connect daily. I hope you have given me to understand, thanks for getting here, I hope you take into account my suggestion. a cordial greeting, I say goodbye.
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