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  1. IGN: urquidi Title: Welcome Word acount: 617
  2. the truth is that if thank you very much for understanding and maybe improve that part. with nothing to say thank you for attending and sorry for bothering
  3. if in mine the same for that reason
  4. if we take into account the +5 species and the +5 nature it reaches 172 which ties with first place
  5. I would like to report a bad decision within an official capture event but being clear https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/100862-dark-star-9th-of-september/ since I have a pokemon trapped within an hour and with the rank to win one of 3 prizes, leaving captures for the verification of this affirmation, begging to have a sanction with the organizer or to be awarded the prize that for obvious reasons would be deserved my part.
  6. I just wanted to put some emotion to this
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