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  1. Me vs YeyoXD after Pablobacas vs krillin
  2. Me vs baneadito after madara vs Imat
  3. IGN: urquidi Reason: I want to win psl again but improving my personal streak Preferred Tiers: UU>LC>DUBS>NU>OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): a couple of shinys won and a couple lost, several cc won currently number 15 in the UU leaderboard and always ready to crush the greats Discord contact (optional): urquidi#7760 Other random stuff: I hate popo walleros
  4. Urquidi: Ferrothorn Arcanine Kingdra Hitmontop Togekiss Tyranitar
  5. I am not saying that you let it do it as if nothing if not what is the basic principle when using that combination if you take out that combination if or if it will be your strategy to put the screens and later booster if there is how to stop them and obviously you will try but if you do not have a good against you will simply be defeated
  6. but even if conkeldurr is powerful in front of a team or any other pokemon, it does not mean that getting it out of the first place, the duel is over, it takes a strategy to make it destroy the rival while the combination of screens lacks it, simply electrode enters, puts screens and takes out a booster and if it doesn't work repeat there is no strategy in it at least it is my opinion
  7. I get it but as I said earlier there are pokes that you are going to use all the time or in all the teams just to stop this combination of screens and if you try to cope but the rival ssle you with a different team you even get to be at a disadvantage
  8. I am not saying that I beat velfefe but on screens it can take a hit from this easily I think you forgot that all the time I mean that it is protected by screens to sweep And return is a very typical move in azuma so I don't know why the joke
  9. additional data +6 252+ Atk Huge Power Azumarill Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Leafeon: 172-203 (100 - 118%) -- guaranteed OHKO
  10. I never really saw an abomasnow choice specs from rotom-wow if I saw that it would be the best against roserade and other pokes would you take them home team to stop an azuma? especially knowing that there are pokes in the tier that would not let them survive or do a good job?
  11. I am not complaining about azumarrill by itself I am complaining if it is in a screen team so let's see that although the 15 pokemon you mentioned can be a problem for azumarrill normally with the help of screens none assures you a 0KO while it sucks if it will also do with a suitable set neither jellicent nor vaporeon nor ferroseed will be a real problem
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