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  1. Take alejovish, yaritan, megabladers, and Colombia win
  2. Ign: sadesh Country: Bolivia Tiers: NU, OU, UU I register it because it does not have an account in the forum and is too lazy to create one
  3. they want to ride me that's shady
  4. I understand this point but I really do not understand then the name of the appeal if the innocence of a banned player is not allowed to be proven, then what actions should be taken to prove such innocence? I also think that at least the players should at least have the proof of what we did and not just answers like "we know he did it" or "we know he is guilty" without giving any proof or opportunity to give any that proves innocence then maybe also think about it and how to improve it since each player deserves the opportunity to defend themselves
  5. exactly that is what we should think, this is a mmo there is no reason to give more advantage to new players without resources who have or would have to do everything possible to advance and thus reach the top of the competitive game, if we wanted that because not only go to compete at showdown where you do not need resources to have the teams you want, who here did not sacrifice days and days of games and farming to be able to build their teams I do not understand why we should be harmed or is it that we are people who want play wow starting at lvl 100 and with a lot of money?
  6. Like he wanted to give us a reason to bully him and he got that name so ugly, he made it happen like he just wanted to change the h of his name to a capital h which took a couple of weeks
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