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  1. Just curious I'd competitive leaderboards ever reset
  2. Haha thanks everyone I figured it wasn't 10% just didn't know how it worked. Thanks!
  3. Thinking about getting donator status. Is it really +10% chance? Meaning like every 10 battles could have a shiny?
  4. this is my first time building a team, or even playing competitive for that matter and i was looking for recommendations/advice/weakness you can see in what i have come up with so far. not sure if i should do a choice scarf build for hydregion. (or use salamance for a physical guard, than use chandelier as a special sweeper, and excadrill as the physical sweeper) sp wall: Milotic @ leftovers Ability : marvel scale EV's: 252 HP 252 SP DEF Nature: Bold - Scald -Recover -Haze - ice beam special guard: Arcanine @ choiceband/lifeorb Ability: indimidate EV's 252 ATK 252 HP Nature: adamant -Flare Blitz _Wild Charge -Extreme speed -Close Combat phys wall: Ferrothorn @ shed shell Ability: Iron Barbs EV's 252 HP 252 DEF Nature: relaxed -Power Whip -Gyro Ball -Leach seed/spikes -Stealth Rock special sweeper: Hydregion @ life orb Ability: EV's 252 SPD 252 SP ATK Nature: Naive/Hasty -Work Up -Dark Pulse -Flamethrower -Superower phys guard: unsure, any suggestions? physical sweeper: Thinking of Excadril or Scizor
  5. Are all the ranked pop matches capped at lvl 50? Is there any point leveling past 50? Is there a way to change in game name ? As well, where can I find a list of the tiers of pokemon (over/under used..etc) Much appreciated!
  6. Does ferrothorns sp atk not matter? Just figured out how ivs work, now I want to build a ferrothorn with gyro ball. I'm going to try getting him 0 speed iv. Found some other forums that people are saying to go for 0 sp atk iv or not to worry about sp atk. I'm just not sure why. Also can someone hatch me a pokemon with some good ivs to get me going! :) This Is my first time building IVs in any pokemon game and it seems a bit complicated. I've been reading up but any extra advice would be appreciated
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