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  1. Does anyone know when the platinum version will be launched? I don't know what to do.
  2. I have been playing this game for more than a year, and I'm an old player. I also like this game. I hope this game is getting better and better. However, I think there are many problems at present, leading to the inability to retain players. First of all, the probability of flash elves is too low, I hope it will be slightly higher. I found that there are many players who can't get a Flash Elf for a long time and give up the game. Although Flash Elves can be traded, people like to have their own, which is more meaningful! Isn't it? Second, there are too few fairies with an open race value of over 680, just two. If only everything could be released, it would add more fun to the players. Considering the problem that may affect the capacity of the server, it can be released in turn according to the time, only part of a time period. Third, the map has some places closed, hoping to open all, which is more satisfactory for players. There are so many suggestions. I hope the game will be better and better. I also hope you will take my advice.
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