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  1. Sick, finally something new to watch during my long train rides. Thank you
  2. 1m we won't get a reply in 24h. 2m that if we get one it will be a pointless troll post that would get deleted if some one of us would post it.
  3. I have a 31/28/31/x/30/x impish one if your are interested.
  4. Can vouch for RedRunt, he is fast, friendly and reliable. Still get my comps trained by him. 10/10 and some bacon on top ❤️
  5. NU: pablobacas Vs Frags 500k pablo LC: Lotus Vs YettoDie 500k yetto UU: Wallarro Vs Loveyun 500k wallarro NU: ChronoRike Vs tMoi 500k chrono Dubs: JeanMarch Vs AkaruKokuyo 200k akaru @Lvkee LC: Hernjet Vs DarkQuiler 200k dark @Lvkee Will edit later when not on mobile
  6. Will order again. Spx is goat
  7. Incognition had one at some point, not sure if he still owns it tho.
  8. Dungeons with HA what else lol
  9. So you are playing with ambipom in OU facing a good player, instead of playing and trying to improve you ff in turn 5 and thought hey lets open up a thread and start crying about how broken stall is and that its unfair that i dont get any rewards ffing the match in turn 5. About matchmaking: Maybe instead of writing this post, go ahead and google how matchmaking systems work. if you keep bashing low elo players the system will think you are better than the opponents it made you face the last matches, so normaly you will get a better one. About rewards, yeah they are scuffed but we wont get anything better.
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