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  1. Sad, I just found the thread. If there is something like this again let me know. I would be down to participate in your team intern events too if that's possible.
  2. I'm quite sure that ranked q is 375 BP and the community combats have a 1000 BP fee
  3. They are one time use. The effect last for 60 mins and stops when you are offline.
  4. Sup bro could you write me a PM ingame with the mons you still have? :D Kinda lost the overview with all the stuff i sent to you haha. Dont want to breed some of them again
  5. He just finished a couple more mons for me. 10/10
  6. Done with everything that was ordered over night, let me know if you need something
  7. @Eipott hype Edit: Wrong shiny for you, am still hyped :D
  8. I take everything thats left tomorrow
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