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  1. Good idea! We could remove nu and uu matchmaking for that since no one plays them anyway. And don't cut the rewards bro. Let us have 2 shiny charms a week. For 100 wins you'll get a shiny togepi and for 10k points a Kyu Hat.
  2. Sick, finally something new to watch during my long train rides. Thank you
  3. 1m we won't get a reply in 24h. 2m that if we get one it will be a pointless troll post that would get deleted if some one of us would post it.
  4. I have a 31/28/31/x/30/x impish one if your are interested.
  5. Can vouch for RedRunt, he is fast, friendly and reliable. Still get my comps trained by him. 10/10 and some bacon on top ❤️
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