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  1. Try joytokey, works great for me since you can setup mouse controls for the controller
  2. Since I was quite busy lately I asked him to breed and ev 2 comps. Kept me updated through the process. Top tier breeder 10/10 <3 can absolutely recommend
  3. Excellent service, all ready did a couple of mons for me, loads will follow.
  4. @Sebat Taking zigh and chuckunso match
  5. Would take schuchty - spxter for 200 yo :D
  6. Hey welcome to the family. Nice to hear that you enjoy your journey so far. A nice way to get an even better experience is to join a team :) if you have any question feel free to message me here or ingame, it's the same name.
  7. I bet 200k on each chuckunso + Spxter on winning their games. Void if sub or activity shizzle
  8. First of all gz, wish i had that luck from time to time :D Aaaaand: is that an encounter counter or did you just add it with ps/paint/whatever?
  9. Looking at him he got nice prices and conditions. Good luck bro, the start may be slow but you'll get your steady costumers as all of us did. Could you message me the price of a 2*31 3*28 gender less mon? Would be glad. To try your service.
  10. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/74035-tutorial-how-to-make-new-music-mod-2019/
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