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  1. Check all things i talked in every post before. Check the text by complete: Note, if you check one part with the word "Translated/Traduçao", only skip for the next line of "======". this is only part of text, translated. If you think that something is overpowered,just because is the RNG counter of your team, you can't say that you know teambuild. First: Calculate the Win rate of strategys.Second: Look for possible counters and "checks"Third: If this is your difficult to win with your copypasted teams and sets, Read first and Second step. and adapt our team. I reccomend you go to Casual plays to test your new strategy. Example:If you have trouble with Physical Walls and Cloyster, try to adapt our team to receive a special infernape. the set? try to search. The result: Physical walls certainly don't have trained some Special Defense, or your base stat special defense is low. With a special move, the chance of Hit Kill is high. And for cloyster, to him flinch, if he haves a king's rock, need to use ice shard, that only hit 1 time,10% flinch, or Rock Blast/Icicle spear, 50% flinch. And if you use Vaccum Wave? Well, or he faint without cause any trouble, or use ice shard and count with a 10% flinch chance ====================================== Pros portugueses que não entenderam, tradução: "Walls Fisicos certamente não tem uma defesa special bem treinada, ou sua stat base de Defesa Special é baixa" - Um exemplo é Skarmory, ele tanka qualquer move fisico, mas... Sua defesa especial é tão Ridicula que só o sturdy pra não deixa-lo tomar OHKO. Nada que um pokemon de Mold Breaker não resolva "Para um Cloyster flinchar o oponente, se ele tiver a king's rock, ou usa ice shard(que acerta 1 vez, então a chance é 10% de Flinchar) ou Rock Blast/Icicle Spear(Acertam 5 vezes, então a chance é ate 50% de Flinchar)" - Por esse motivo, cloyster é melhor Focus Sash. A special defense dele já é baixa, depois do shell smash então? Lucario com set special não tem problema nenhum em dar o OHKO nele. Infernape com Set special, o que pode parar ele é a 10% de chance flinch do ice shard, que não causa nada de dano no infernape. Se o cloyster não ir de Ice Shard no infernape e tiver de king's rock, só aceita que ele tá morto. Eu apenas citei um Exemplo, tem mais casos do nosso Meta Unico de PvP no PokeMMO Alvejando um PokeMMO melhor pra todos! ================================ The example that can Help you, and everyone that are reading this. If you or any other player don't want to apply in our team, the choice is yours. but don't come here to talk to rookies in pvp, who is "OverPowered" and impossible to counter, because we return here to remove your lie, telling good ways to counter. Like Cloyster and Weavile King's rock. 1° - You can't check with precision the win rate of players that use it, or the number of loss then strategy have. 2° - Is oblivious that walls suffer with RNG flinch, but offense with good priority moves lock the choice of opponent, in moves of 10% chance. If you flinch 3 times in a row, you can forfeit. 3° - Some players that argument that item is overpowered and unhealty for pvp, but use 3, 4 or 5(Huargensy) walls. Is not healty play against that, if you don't have the counter, resulting in long and exaustive matchs 4° - All players are complety free to choice which pokemons use. We only have to guide the best sets for pokemons that he want to use. If players want to use Castform, he can use. If he want to use a sand team, he can use. But if you want to make a team, think before if your strategy is healty to opponent, that don't make him forfeit for PvP. Fair Play with your opponent. Play with stall, you like, good , but you, people that reading this and use stall, stop to think if your opponent like face stall? if exaustive and long matchs due to you, people that reading this and use stall, kept tanking all match , is healty to your opponent? =========================== Translated Text/Texto traduzido: Eu citei um exemplo que pode te ajudar, e todos que estão lendo isso. Se você ou qualquer outro jogador não quiser adaptar o time, a escolha é sua, mas não venha aqui pra falar pros novatos em pvp, o que é "OP" e impossivel de counterar, pois a gente vai voltar pra desmentir e falar bons jeitos de lidar com as estrategias "OP". Como Cloyster e Weavile King's rock. 1° - Você não pode checar com precisão a taxa de vitorias dos players que usam a estrategia, ou o numero de derrotas que a estrategia tem. 2° - É obvio que wall sofre com RNG flinch, wall é pra ficar tankando, não atacar diretamente. Os pokes ofensivos com bons golpes prioritarios travam a escolha do oponente em moves que só tem 10% de causar flinch, se der flinch 3 vezes, pode desistir. 3 °- Alguns jogadores argumentam que o item é op e não é saudavel para o pvp, mas usam times de 3, 4 ou 5 (Huargensy) walls. Não é saudavel jogar contra isso, se você não tiver o counter, resultando em partidas longas e exaustivas. 4 ° - Todos os jogadores são completamente livres pra escolher com que pokemon querem jogar. Só devemos mostrar os melhores sets dos pokes que o cara escolheu. Se o cara quer usar Castform, ele pode usar. Se o cara quiser usar time sand, ele pode usar. Mas antes de montar o seu time, pense se sua estrategia é saudavel pro oponente, que não faça ele desistir do PvP. Jogo justo, Fair Play, com seu oponente. Se você que está lendo, gosta de usar stall, beleza, mas já pensou se seu oponente gosta de enfrentar stall? se as partidas longas e massantes, que você ,que usa stall, provoca, são saudaveis para seu oponente? ============================ Not all of players likes to play a 100+ matchs. I sayed before, if placed a balancing system, to equilibrate the opponent's matchmaking level that you face, i no need to talk here. But, don't have and Novice players that play casually and don't like to spend 1 hour in matchs, face a Top 10 player, with a stall team, and, clearly, he loses. if you think that king's rock is op, reach with only that in at least top 10 matchmaking rank. This is only a strategy common used by 450- elo players, and the same strategy only win with RNG some walls. Like Obelisk members sayed to me once time: players that used hax itens for a long time actually are in 450- elo, without chance of grow up your elo and go up in ranks. I in time that used cloyster, NEVER used king's rock. King's rock and Hax itens are like z-crystals. You trade a good item for a "overpowered move or a Hax item"? You can check the "highest skill of 450- elo players for teambuild(Ironic Alert)", only checking the IV, EV and Nature of pokemons that they use in PvP This is only a strategy common used by 450- elo players, i forgot to mention, No fear for offense teams, and with a usage below the critery adopted by "Veteran Players" to say who is usable and who isn't in pvp. Is inside 1,22(Calc before, win rate of Cloyster king's rock)-7(Win rate of king's rock cloyster + all loses of cloyster)%, and the critery of your says: to be usable in PvP, need at least 8% usage ------------------------------------------ Most part of players talk me is a not-skill player that don't know anything in teambuild. Let i informate that i fight in 460-500 elo because i face 3-5 "balanced"/stall teams per day, but i fight for big things, like the best trophy to a consistent campain in matchmaking, using a modest Hyper Offense team, i Faced and win 2 Rank Veteran Players and the Top Rank 74(At least which i battle with him) Bluedeww, and i don't stop, winning more matchs, i finally received a Reward PvP Pokemon. This is hard to obtain. Players that are in my actual rank that don't even reached Veteran rank, don't have too much rewards of PvP. So after all the shizzle you wrote here you are telling us that you are below 500 elo and struggle to get the pvp reward? Maybe you should consider learning the basics before you start trash talking. As Kupo stated some of the best players on the server are trying to educate you consider listening and learning bro
  2. Lookin hot, can't wait to see the next half million magikarp encounters haha
  3. Oh wow the lightball is included Feels like a steal haha
  4. We also need info on the cash, moveset of the party and sexual identity
  5. Don't wanna hate, actually I like the team. But at least in my understanding you have to use only pokemon that got added in the respective generation? The sample team has only Gen 3 mons iirc. Oh boi if I mess this one up I have to ask some one to delete the evidences haha
  6. The random "eat shit" in the chat box lol
  7. Golbat helps with both venusaur and blaziken
  8. @Imperialowes me 100k Siammese owes me 100k I owe @clayclover200k Is your ign the same?
  9. Lost vs fibraxxxx not sure if anyone took a screen
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