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  1. You cant buy Battle Points from another player, you can tho buy items pruchased from them, if you need BP Moves you have to ask some one else to teach them to your Pokemon.
  2. Pepperoni with a little touch of anchovies is the way to go guys. Wich style do you prefer? For me it's NY or neapolitan.
  3. Fast and cheap service, absolutely recommend Will order more
  4. Just sent you a mon, good luck with your services. I assume he wants to sell the pokemon listed here.
  5. Quinn did one for the LCPL iirc. I watched a vid about creating your own one shouldn't be that hard to set up
  6. I know, I would like for our TC members to not advise people to move on to showdown when it's so hard to find matches at the moment. Should've made that clear sorry.
  7. Since randbats it's quite impossible to find matches for uu /nu, at least in my timezone
  8. Timezone converter tells me this is in the past lol Are you sure with the time?
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