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  1. @xJoseee its sold out raffle when ever you are free
  2. Actually the best way to make money is by not playing the game. Just buy a vanity and log off for a couple of years :D
  3. Hey yo its time again I raffle this sick shiny away The nature is ADAMANT (No icicle crash eggmove) 200 tickets 30k each Mail the cash to CaptnBaklava Much love to @xJoseee for hosting this <3 0/200
  4. Sure let me know ivs and nature and I'll do it
  5. Team Name: Aventerrør Team Tag: ÁvE Registered Players: CaptainBaklava - Pottina - RexB - LynxLowman - AnnoyingZoey - xAnzar - SteveDerBaum - AkarinDojutsu - DarkXerox - AQA - Vinaloop - ARCHorsttwo - Polyphon - Antemortem - DrakayTheReal - MissSeraphine - OxOReFaked Team Captain: Pottina
  6. im back to gym running pls help me
  7. 24. DrakaytheReal (1 post) 128. Lowman (4 posts) 172. Selina (5 posts) 191. MrPulsar (2 posts) the first 3 are in my team and MrPulsar was before. So that are not any 2nd accounts
  8. Had some requests but guess what? I'm still broke need cash for vanities come on
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