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  1. I don't need anything of this, but consider mentioning the gender that might be important for some people.
  2. Shouldnt it be possible since the update?
  3. Well unless you want to have a "bad" flinch toge there is no reason to claim it. those rewards jsut suck imo. you can farm and breed better ones in ~1 hour. Not speaking about walls at all cuz they are not even worth it at all lol
  4. For my last 6 wins i got 5 Points lol, games are either over in 5 turns or people loose 2 mons and let the timer run down. Should i stop playing critdra in dubs now if I want to grind of lesser skilled ppl? Thats bullshit I should not get a penalty for playing a specific team. Edit: 14 wins now and i got 26 Points, thats just dumb lol
  5. I'm currently trying agillity metagross with brickbreak, worked mediocore ( but I thikn I just suck at UU :D) I set up agillity on the Reflect turn one since most ppl asume I will EQ them, after that i can break the screens and try to setup with meteormash. Brickbreak hits the common bellydrum users + Scrafty quite good. I think I just have to get better at the game to handle this teams completly :D
  6. Have the E4 Team from Mikyii for sale, all lvl 100 with sets and EV's pm me
  7. Trained me 6 pokes to level 100 in no time + kept me updated 10/10 recommend keep up the great service bro <3
  8. mailed you Edit: Nice guy, kept me updated while breeding. Can recommend
  9. TY! But manged to reach mine too, sadly its genderless so the system cant give it to me >_>
  10. Are the Rewardmons from Matchmaking 2x0-31 rest 25 too?
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