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  1. Add me IGN @CaptnBaklava or write me a pm here. Am new to LC too and want to play some matches
  2. CaptnBaklava


    Cloyuster: Jolly Chandelure: Modest/timid Swampert: Ada Drapion: Jolly Infernape: Naive Peliper: Bold Bronzong: Sassy torkoal: Bold Lanturn: Bold Typho: modest Froslas: Timid Kingdra: Modest Have them, hit me up
  3. Hey ho, I just breed my first few LC mons and want to try them so im looking for some LC players to add me ingame. Would love to hear from some one :) My IGN ist CaptnBaklava
  4. Hey thanks for the fix. Working good so far. Just one question: I dont know how hard it would be to program this but is it possible that the counter counts killed Pokemon as 1 too? Right now it counts them multiple time. I guess is because of the Pixelsearch. Had the same problem with Billa's version too. I dont know if its as easy as I think right now (I dont have any expirience with coding at all) but is it possible to make the program check if we fled the battle before recounting the bars? Probaly would only work with an english version then i guess. I had this idea in my head quite sometime but couldnt figure how to do an imagesearch with .dll. As I said i have literally no expirience in this.
  5. Actually the team did a really nice job recovering my old account. Try to get in touch with them. Good luck
  6. Congratz bro. would love to take part in the Exploud raffle <3
  7. After over 10 breeds i can 10/10 recommend that guy. Insanly fast and reliable <3
  8. Its jolly In case somebody wants to know, sold for 70k
  9. CaptnBaklava

    Buying NU Comps

    @Spxter does stuff like this:
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