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  1. We got a reroll of an existing event, no has for mons we actually want to use and 3 vanities that combined cost 45$. Well worth the wait. Good thing I finally get rewarded for my ot dex completion by getting forced to take pills with out being able to decide.
  2. Still waiting for the payment πŸ™‚
  3. Tell me your IGN I'll send you some choice specs
  4. IGN is CaptnBaklava. Incase Kyu decides to screw me over by releasing it today I'm more than happy to pay you.
  5. Sad to see you leave, wish you the best in your future.
  6. If you mean Sunday I take it.
  7. @TohnRI really did not keep up with all of that. What is the outcome?
  8. They quitted the game for obvious reasons.
  9. Dont quote me on that but I've read post (to be fair they are quite old) that you wont be able to get the hiddenabillities on existing Pokemons.
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