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  1. I don't like how much sense that makes. It doesn't bode well for my vision.
  2. Unfortunately the battle log doesn't mention Trace at all.
  3. I think it'd be interesting if a Pokémon who's ability is Trace would temporarily have their ability in the summary page change to the opponent's ability. For instance, a Gardevoir with Trace would have her summary page say Sturdy (Trace) if she copied a Golem's Sturdy ability. Same for the stats of Pokémon that Ditto or Smearlge transforms into.
  4. Thank you. When the time comes if I need one I'll reach out to you.
  5. Σ(°△°|||) I saw this image and thought it was just someone who was tired, not dead.
  6. Thank you. I'll be starting Byron pretty soon now that I have the first three gyms fully documented. I'll keep an eye out.
  7. Whoops. That was meant to be bolded. Thanks.
  8. Additional Information Do I get more money for fighting one team as opposed to another? No. All gym leaders will give the exact same amount of Poké regardless of which of their teams you defeat. Different gym leaders, however, will give different amounts. What's the difference between a Pokémon with ??? for their item or ability as opposed to --- or an actual item or ability? --- means that the Pokémon doesn't have an item. A Pokémon with ??? for its Ability, item, or move has an unknown Ability, item, or move. Why do some gym leaders have different coloured names? Grey means I haven't documented that team yet. Red means I don't have the items recorded. Blue means I have the items recorded but not all the abilities. Green means I have the abilities and items recorded but not the moves. Black means I have everything recorded. You've made a mistake. (Pokémon) can't learn (move). Some Pokémon have moves that they shouldn't be able to learn according to their Gen 7 learnset on Bulbapedia. If I have a move listed it is because I've seen it or Eve has copied it. You've made a grammatical or spelling error. Thank you. Please tell me where it is so that I can fix it. I'm the type of person who corrects other people's grammar or spelling so I'd like this guide to be as error free as possible. Can't you just assume that a Pokémon has the same speed, Ability, or move across different teams for the same leader? I have observed that different teams from the same leader may have slightly different movesets, items, & abilities even if they have the same Pokémon. How long did it take to make this guide? As of March 29 2020, the guide is complete. It took 51 days to document all teams. How much did it cost to make this guide? 0 Poké. I've used no items and if someone fainted, I restarted the battle. What inspired you to make this? Procrastination. If you have all the tools you need then why post the guide before it's completed? It's easier to update as I go along than to keep all the information to myself and then post it. What was the most difficult part of making the guide? Fighting gyms often one hit K.O. Eve so I have to use methods to weaken the opposing team without defeating them or letting them switch out. Aside from that, it's pretty easy to document. Will there be a guide for other regions? I've already made one for Kanto & one for Hoenn. @Bestfriends has made a Unova guide and a Morimoto guide. Will you make an Elite Four rematch guide? Yes, but due to recent changes it will most likely be discontinued. Do you still play PokéMMO? Yes. My IGN used to be Shadowthiefdark but now it's Redacted. Your team sucks. My team could easily defeat yours. Congratulations, (insert name here). You must be the pride and joy of (insert hometown here).
  9. Volkner 1 Volkner 2 Volkner 3 Volkner 4 Volkner 5
  10. Candice 1 Candice 2 Candice 3 Candice 4 Candice 5
  11. Byron 1 Byron 2 Byron 3 Byron 4 Byron 5
  12. Below is a map for Crasher Wake's gym. Not all buttons need to be pressed. Crasher Wake 1 Crasher Wake 2 Crasher Wake 3 Crasher Wake 4 Crasher Wake 5
  13. Below is are instructions on how to reach Maylene as quickly as possible. Not all sandbags need to be hit. Maylene 1 Maylene 2 Maylene 3 Maylene 4 Maylene 5
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