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  1. Additional Information I don't know what Pokémon this is. If you're on a computer you can hover your mouse over an icon to see the name of the Pokémon. You can also click/tap the Pokémon to be taken to its Bulbapedia page. How long did it take to make this guide? I started this guide on July 9, 2020. What inspired you to make this? Boredom. If you have all the tools you need then why post the guide before it's completed? It's easier to keep track and deal with formatting on this website rather than writing it down somewhere else and then moving it over. What was the most difficult part of making the guide? Finding something to watch while I do this. Have you made other guides? I've made guides for the gym leader rematches in Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. When will you add the "By Pokémon (Numerical/Alphabetical)" sections? Once the guide is complete, I'll add those sections. What's your in game name? My IGN used to be Shadowthiefdark but now it's Redacted.
  2. Other Guides Kanto Gym Leader Rematches Hoenn Gym Leader Rematches Sinnoh Gym Leader Rematches How the Data Was Collected How to Use This Guide Time & Seasons 4:00 - 10:59 11:00 - 20:59 21:00 - 3:59 January - Spring February - Summer March - Autumn April - Winter May - Spring June - Summer July - Autumn August - Winter September - Spring October - Summer November - Autumn December - Winter Winter Progress 23.3% Spring Progress 11.7% Summer Progress 0% Autumn Progress 23.3%
  3. I don't like how much sense that makes. It doesn't bode well for my vision.
  4. Unfortunately the battle log doesn't mention Trace at all.
  5. I think it'd be interesting if a Pokémon who's ability is Trace would temporarily have their ability in the summary page change to the opponent's ability. For instance, a Gardevoir with Trace would have her summary page say Sturdy (Trace) if she copied a Golem's Sturdy ability. Same for the stats of Pokémon that Ditto or Smearlge transforms into.
  6. Thank you. When the time comes if I need one I'll reach out to you.
  7. Σ(°△°|||) I saw this image and thought it was just someone who was tired, not dead.
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