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    Multiple Access Points for Events

    I've completed both the Kanto and Hoenn stories and haven't started on Unova. Because of this, I'm unable to join the Halloween events and Christmas events. Would it be possible to have an access point for each region? Or perhaps have the ship that travels between regions give the option to go to an event island? The event island could even be a copy-paste of another region. I just want to be able to play the events without having to rush through the story.
  2. RedactedColour

    Event Suggestions & Feedback

    For future events like Halloween and Christmas, can we have a way for people to join regardless of which regions they've completed? I've completed Kanto and Hoenn but I can never join these events because they always take place in Unova. Maybe have a specific city in each region where you can participate or perhaps the boat can take players to an event island where they can play.
  3. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    Blaine 1 Full Restore x2 Arcanine and Ninetales Blaine 2 Full Restore x2 Torkoal and Moltres Blaine 3 Full Restore x2 Torkoal and Charizard Blaine 4 Full Restore x2 Ninetales and Flareon Blaine 5 Full Restore x2 Torkoal and Typhlosion Additional Information Do I get more money for fighting one team as opposed to another? No. All gym leaders will give the exact same amount of Poké regardless of which of their teams you defeat. Different gym leaders, however, will give different amounts. Why do some Pokémon have ??? for items while others have ---? A Pokémon whose item is listed as --- isn't holding an item. --- means "nothing". A Pokémon with ??? for its Ability, item, or move has an unknown Ability, item, or move. Why do the Hidden Powers have (Type?) after them? When Eve transforms, she doesn't copy the opponent's hidden power. As such, I can't say for certain that an opponent's hidden power is a specific type. I can only say what it most likely is based on which of my Pokémon it's super effective against. You've made a mistake. (Pokémon) can't learn (move). Some Pokémon have moves that they shouldn't be able to learn according to their Gen 7 learnset on Bulbapedia. If I have a move listed it is because I've seen it or Eve has copied it. You've made a grammatical or spelling error. Thank you. Please tell me where it is so that I can fix it. I'm the type of person who corrects other people's grammar or spelling so I'd like this guide to be as error free as possible. Can't you just assume that a Pokémon has the same speed, Ability, or move across different teams for the same leader? I have observed that different teams from the same leader may have slightly different moveset. This first became apparent when I realized that sometimes Brock's Steelix knows Explosion and sometimes it knows Aqua Tail. How long did it take to make this guide? As of February 6th, 2019, the guide is complete. It took 80 days to document all teams. What inspired you to make this? My finals. If you have all the tools you need then why post the guide before it's completed? It would be faster to get information from multiple people rather than just myself. What was the most difficult part of making the guide? Once you know what to do, it's really simple. The only issue was waiting for the gym cooldowns to complete. The most difficult part of making the guide was finding something to watch while I copied the information over. I settled on Doctor Who or whatever anime came out that day. I want to help. What can I do? The guide is now complete. The only updates that could be made are those which state the speed of certain Pokemon. If you know a Pokemon to be slower/faster than a specific speed, please inform me and attach a screenshot to your message as proof. Anyone who helps out will have their names written at the top of the guide. Will there be a guide for other regions? Yes. Now that I've finished the Kanto guide, I will begin working on the Hoenn one. Will you make an Elite Four rematch guide? The Elite Four is more difficult than the gym leaders. I'll need a proper team before I consider researching them. As of now I don't intend to make a guide for them for several reasons. Firstly, my team can't easily defeat them. If I fight them, I have to have everyone there. Secondly, there's a 45 minute cooldown between attempts. To make this guide I often restarted in the middle of battle because Eve fainted or I mistakenly fainted the Pokémon I was trying to research. It would be annoying to try and study the Elite Four. What's your in game name? My IGN used to be Shadowthiefdark but now it's Redacted. Your team sucks. My team could easily defeat yours. Congratulations, (insert name here). You must be the pride and joy of (insert hometown here).
  4. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    Here's a map of the invisible walls for Koga's gym: Map source Koga 1 Full Restore x2 Weezing and Nidoqueen Koga 2 Full Restore x2 Weezing and Zoroark Koga 3 Full Restore x2 Tentacruel and Gliscor Koga 4 Full Restore x2 Ariados and Ferrothorn Koga 5 Full Restore x2 Nidoking and Beedrill
  5. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    If the teleporters in Sabrina's gym are labelled as such: 1 2 3 4 Then one of the fastest ways to her (starting from the room with the hype man) is 2, 2, 1, 3, 3. The way back (starting from her room) is 4, 1, 1, 2, 4. Sabrina 1 Full Restore x2 Alakazam and Scizor Sabrina 2 Full Restore x2 Wobbuffet and Snorlax Sabrina 3 Full Restore x2 Swoobat and Slowking Sabrina 4 Full Restore x2 Metagross and Espeon Sabrina 5 Full Restore x2 Sigilyph and Lapras
  6. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    Erika 1 Full Restore x2 Ninetales and Victreebel Erika 2 Full Restore x2 Vileplume and Ninetales Erika 3 Full Restore x2 Ninetales and Lilligant Erika 4 Full Restore x2 Ninetales and Venusaur Erika 5 Full Restore x2 Whimsicott and Dragonite
  7. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    Lt. Surge 1 Full Restore x2 Jolteon and Dodrio Lt. Surge 2 Full Restore x2 Manectric and Electrode Lt. Surge 3 Full Restore x2 Raichu and Pikachu Lt. Surge 4 Full Restore x2 Electivire and Tangrowth Lt. Surge 5 Full Restore x2 Raichu and Politoed
  8. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    Misty 1 Full Restore x2 Politoed and Golduck Misty 2 Full Restore x2 Pelipper and Carracosta Misty 3 Full Restore x2 Politoed and Poliwrath Misty 4 Full Restore x2 Pelipper and Floatzel Misty 5 Full Restore x2 Politoed and Kingdra
  9. RedactedColour

    Kanto Gym Leader Rematches

    I used to go by Shadowthiefdark. Formatting Species (Level #) Models provided by Bulbapedia Ability: ??? Item: ??? HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed Damage based on health or deals a fixed amount, Damage based on Attack, Damage based on Special Attack, Non-damaging move All abilities, items, and moves have links to their respective Bulbapedia page. This is intended to make it easier for you to research. How the Data Was Collected Most people are just here for the data, so I'm putting the parts that are less important into spoilers. Fighters "How did you fight the gym leaders?" "What's the best team for the gyms?" "Is this a good Pokémon to use?" This is the team I used. Use your knowledge of basic match ups to decide who to throw into a fight. The Recon Team The Gym Leaders Everyone has five separate teams that they may draw from. I battled the gym leaders once a day to find out what team was present. I tried battling at the same time every day or starting with the same Pokemon only to find that the teams changed despite this. From this, I made two hypotheses. The first is that the gym leaders use teams depending on a rotation. In the first week, they may use a specific Pokemon only on Mondays. In the second week, they may use that Pokemon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. This is the Weekly Rotation hypothesis. The second hypothesis is that the teams are chosen at random. In the three weeks that I've been monitoring the teams, I've yet to find a week that repeats. For now I will assume that the teams used are chosen at random. If you notice a repeat, feel free to let me know. Update: As of today, February 6th, the guide is complete. Based on what I've seen, teams are fought in a random order. If you don't beat a team on a specific day, you'll be able to battle them the following day or the day after that. You must defeat a team before a different one appears. With all that said, allow me to introduce the format for the Gym Leaders Species (Level #) Gifs provided by Bulbapedia Ability: --- Item: --- Speed the Pokemon is faster than <Speed< Speed the Pokemon is slower than Damage based on health or deals a fixed amount, Damage based on Attack, Damage based on Special Attack, Non-damaging move Moves in bold hit multiple Pokémon Unlike my Pokemon Reborn guide, I have no way of knowing the stats of an opponent (without doing tedious calculations, that is). All I can do is tell you whether they are faster than one of my own Pokemon or slower than another. Some Pokemon out-speed all of mine while others are so slow that I out-speed all of them. The speed of a Pokemon has their ability included. For example, a Vileplume that has its Chlorophyll activated will have its speed reported with the ability in mind. Why? Because Pokémon with these abilities are part of teams that will have their abilities activated. That is to say that you're more likely to encounter the Pokemon with their ability active than to encounter them without it. "How do I use this guide?" The teams are organized based on what slot they are in the gym leader's party. For instance, Brock's first team has Aerodactyl, Slowbro, and Ninetales. This means he'll open with Aerodactyl and Slowbro (all gym rematches are double battles at the time of making this guide). This does not mean he'll throw in Ninetales after his first Pokemon has been defeated. If you look at the top left where you see his team members, it means the third ball will always contain Ninetales. Look at the gym leader you're battling. Look for the team that starts with the same Pokemon that they started with. If you're battling Brock and he started out with Tyranitar and Swampert then you're fighting Brock 3. The teams are placed in collapsible spoilers so that the guide will load faster and mobile users can scroll easier. If you can fill in any information that's missing from this guide, please inform me. Instructions on how best to help me are listed below in the "Additional Information" section. Thank you. Brock 1 Full Restore x2 Aerodactyl and Slowbro Brock 2 Full Restore x2 Golem and Toxicroak Brock 3 Full Restore x2 Tyranitar and Swampert Brock 4 Full Restore x2 Aerodactyl and Ludicolo Brock 5 Full Restore x2 Golem and Tyranitar

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