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  1. OldManHassy

    Proposing to my boyfriend with my PokeTeam <3

    That's pretty awesome, good luck! Congratulations if he said yes.
  2. OldManHassy

    Goals for the Mayor of PokeMMO in 2019

    I appreciate your hard work
  3. Because devs don't have anything to work on other than temporary holiday events lol
  4. OldManHassy

    Is this game so hard on purpose?

    I would say that MMOs shouldn't be as easy as the original games but damn the difficulty just to get through the storyline sucked out the fun for me. Was hoping to run through the story real quick so I can start shiny hunting but can't really bother to build a good team and shit just to beat the storyline. I don't PvP or anything like that, I used to run through the storyline with my starter only lol but it does make sense to make this change. Some people love it but as for me I called it quits after beating kanto which took me about 2 weeks and with the help of gilans lucario lol

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