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  1. I'm scared to even joke with some of the mods on here, because of how robotic they are and im thinking they'll just end up muting me for it. Why y'all acting like someone pissed in your cereals? First getting muted for a simple mistake in typing to a wrong channel. Next is sense of humor the Mods seem to be lacking. Whats next? You guys going to delete the breeding npc to encourage the use of the gtl?
  2. Redmirror

    Muted for 9.5k seconds over a mistake?

    You can only say what they want you to say. Even a simple mistake leads you to that bs.
  3. Redmirror

    Muted for 9.5k seconds over a mistake?

    I made this mistake last month once, and i was off scott free. Now that im bringing out the truth about the ugly side of this game, OFC i get muted. Politics as usual.
  4. Reason: Trading through global chat. I posted something accidentally on global chat which was meant for trade chat and somehow that hurt the mods enough to mute me over it? Seems a bit ridiculous, considering right after that mistake, I re-posted under trade chat like it was meant to. Did they forget to check that conveniently?
  5. Redmirror

    Encounter Rate for Mewtwo?

    Sometimes i'll get him in 30 minutes, or 1-4 hours. Its a little much at times to keep geussing, but whats the actual encounter rate?
  6. I think it would be neat to see a message indicating who the owner of Mewtwo defeats. Ex. "Redmirror has successfully defended Mewtwo from X trainer"
  7. Redmirror

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    Actually wish I had tried to but I was out using my android. Maybe that would of fixed it but God knows.
  8. After defeating someone for mewtwo, I noticed Mewtwo was handed to me dead. Then when it came to choosing him as my last Pokemon, I was stuck on this screen below:
  9. Redmirror

    Trade channel is almost dead

    Nah I actually had chinese turned off in my langauges by default since my client was repaired. LOL.
  10. Not to sound offensive, but usually I log in and see trade channel filled with the asian community. Today, there's not a trace of them and its nearly dead. What happened?
  11. Redmirror


    No shit sherlock? Nice answer, funny how you still ask "What this update is for?"
  12. Redmirror


    You know there is an update section on this forums right? You can read it all there.
  13. Redmirror

    Rustling Grass

  14. Redmirror

    Rustling Grass

    Are there any in this version of Unova? There should be some according to the originals.

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