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  1. Requesting a status button to see if Mewtwo/Rayquaza are in use by a trainer. That way I wont spend 5 hours in the cave thinking hes there.
  2. It just occured to me, that team preview being implemented, also indirectly nerfs Zoroark's illusion ability, by simply exposing him at the start of a battle. Just wondering, was this intentional? Thank you.
  3. Thank you everyone found it.
  4. Anyone know what the OST is called that plays when Mewtwo is found?
  5. I think there needs to be something that tells us if Mewtwo is obtained by someone. At least so we know what to expect right after logging in late.
  6. I was wondering if team donations to a team bank would be a possible feature? Allowing everyone to donate to a team bank. Only allowing the higher ranks to distribute money if needed, so it isnt abused by newcomers.
  7. Can the motorcycle animation be changed to the same ones the biker npc use in Unova? would feel more like riding a motorcycle, instead of a bicycle.
  8. While a big number of people in the United States do celebrate Christmas, non-Christian holidays are pushed to the side and ignored. Since we all welcome and support all kinds of cultures and people of different languages in this game, I sincerely hope their holidays are equally given the chance to be celebrated in-game with events no less than Christmas. if you dont know what they are, you can always research them. That always helps in learning more about other cultures. Examples: Las Posadas - Las Posadas is celebrated by some Hispanic families Hanukkah - Jewish holiday where people celebrate Hanukkah by lighting their menorahs, spinning dreidels and eating delicious foods! Kwanzaa - holiday that celebrates African culture. Kwanzaa’s also celebrated through lighting the Kinara, performing and listening to traditional music and discussing African principles and history. Diwali - Hindu holiday that celebrates with a Festival of Lights, and is a five-day long Hindu holiday celebrating life and the victory of good over evil. Chinese New Year - The Chinese New Year marks the end of winter and the
  9. I'm scared to even joke with some of the mods on here, because of how robotic they are and im thinking they'll just end up muting me for it. Why y'all acting like someone pissed in your cereals? First getting muted for a simple mistake in typing to a wrong channel. Next is sense of humor the Mods seem to be lacking. Whats next? You guys going to delete the breeding npc to encourage the use of the gtl?
  10. You can only say what they want you to say. Even a simple mistake leads you to that bs.
  11. I made this mistake last month once, and i was off scott free. Now that im bringing out the truth about the ugly side of this game, OFC i get muted. Politics as usual.
  12. Reason: Trading through global chat. I posted something accidentally on global chat which was meant for trade chat and somehow that hurt the mods enough to mute me over it? Seems a bit ridiculous, considering right after that mistake, I re-posted under trade chat like it was meant to. Did they forget to check that conveniently?
  13. Sometimes i'll get him in 30 minutes, or 1-4 hours. Its a little much at times to keep geussing, but whats the actual encounter rate?
  14. I think it would be neat to see a message indicating who the owner of Mewtwo defeats. Ex. "Redmirror has successfully defended Mewtwo from X trainer"
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