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  1. 你好, 1. 麻烦请点击这里并申请更改游戏。 2. 申请失败的话,你可以到Support Request版块发帖。请耐心等待官方人员的回复。 下次发帖时麻烦记得附上英文翻译,谢谢。 很抱歉造成你的不便。 English Translation:
  2. 你好, 跟封号申诉有关的帖子请发到 Ban Appeal 版块。发帖后请耐心等待回复,切勿重复发帖。 下次发帖时麻烦记得附上英文翻译,谢谢。 English Translation
  3. Source Details Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 64 Players | 6v6 NU | Bracket Date Sunday, June 30th Time (UTC) 11:00 AM / (EDT) 07:00 AM Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You can register by clicking on the PvP menu option (Masterball icon) and then select "Tournament Signup". You may only enter on one account.  Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item Tournament Clauses Explained  NU Ban List Banned Moves 1st Place Prize Shiny GIFT Bidoof Your choice of nature, 2 moves, with IVs 2x31 & 4x25 & 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1,000 Reward Points  2nd Place Prize 500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points 3rd - 4th Place Prize 250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points  Host: Deviluke
  4. Source Date Saturday, June 29th, Time (UTC) 12:00 PM / (EDT) 08:00 AM Time Zone Converter Location Route 12, Unova - Channel 5 Duration 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokémon accepted as valid entries Roselia +5 Kakuna +3 Metapod +3 Rapidash Nature Bonus Sassy +5 Naughty +3 Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest You can only submit one entry All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...) Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time Participating Staff Deviluke Wudenbachs SneakyTeddi xKicco Edniss 1st Place Prize Shiny GIFT Roselia Your choice of nature, two moves, with IVs 2x31 & 4x25 + 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1,000 Reward Points 2nd Place Prize 500,000 Pokeyen OR 500 Reward Points 3rd - 4th Place Prize 250,000 Pokeyen OR 250 Reward Points
  5. Hello, She couldn't use a Master Ball because it would be a waste since players can't keep Rayquaza and other legendaries permanently in this game. The player that caught the legendary pokemon will be forced to accept all duel requests from other players. The ownership of the legendary will be transferred to the winner. The cycle continues until the legendary pokemon grows tired of its owner (or owner disconnects/logout). Have a nice day, Deviluke
  6. 你好, 如果你不小心误删了你的游戏角色的话,请点击这里并发帖申请帮助。 抱歉造成不便,祝你有美好的一天! English Translation Hello, If you accidentally deleted your character, please make a post here and a staff will look into your case. Sorry for the inconvenience and have a nice day!
  7. eyyy you right, no more leftover PP. Oh, if you restore it back to 30/32, then you would have 2 PP leftover, then using 3 leppa would get you back to 32 :^) my brain is working
  8. I feel you, having 2 PP left is...not pleasant. Assume the cost of sweet scent outside of battle got lowered from 5 -> 4. Leppa berry only restores 10 PP and I assume most players use it when they are down atleast 10 PP. So in most shiny hunting cases, I would assume most players only use leppa berries to restore it back to 30/32 (or 20/20, 20/24, 20/28 ). Unless they want to use more leppa berries or plan on going back to pc to restore PP instead. If we restore it back to 30/32, we would still end up with that 2 PP leftover :.^( Sorry if I'm missing something, my brain probably isn't fully functioning at 4:30 AM.
  9. I have never spoken to Roxxass before, but I'm thankful for all the work she did for the community, especially the WorldCup. It was a pleasure for me to watch the diverse community come together and compete in a grand tournament. My deepest condolences to her family and friends, may she rest in peace.
  10. Yeah, I think so too. But gotta keep that hope up , maybe...maybe one day someone will be willing to let it go P.S. You forgot about the one and only Party Hat :D
  11. 你好Im7510, 如果你对封号有异议的话,请点击这里到申诉版发帖。 下次发帖时麻烦记得提供英文翻译,谢谢。 祝好运。 English Translation Hello Im7510, If you have any questions regarding your ban, please click here and make a post in the Ban Appeal section. Please remember to provide English translation next time, thank you. Good luck.
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