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  1. Deviluke

    [Art] Teddi's Sketches

    Can I request dancing spinda? :^)
  2. Deviluke

    kyu hat

    What a legend.
  3. Deviluke

    kyu hat

    Sorry no offense here but you got a screenshot of that 600k Kyu listing? Or anything to prove that you were indeed the person that listed it? You savage :P
  4. Deviluke

    kyu hat

    F This is so sad. F
  5. Deviluke

    Frequently asked questions.

    Soon™ :^) It will be added eventually, take a break if you are burnt out and come back when you feel like playing again.
  6. Deviluke

    Can't get my pokemon back after trading

    After beating the Kanto league, your friend's level cap should have been removed. When your pokemon's level is capped by the max obedience, the excess exp. will become stored exp. and therefore making it untradable. All he needs to do is release the stored exp in the pokemon in one single battle for it to become tradable again. How much stored exp. it has does not matter.
  7. Deviluke

    SilverSoul/GoldenHeart thing

    Pretty sure it's sarcasm. I think the staffs have said elsewhere that they do intend to add Johto eventually but don't quote me on this. There are other priorities such as dungeons and HA ,and Sinnoh has yet to be added, so you know how it is, it will probably be implemented soon™. P.S. I like Johto too :)
  8. Deviluke

    Thank you

    Just a prank :( Can't even offer him. Gilan cannot receive messages.
  9. Deviluke

    Bug with first initial in Hoenn

    You welcome ^_^, hope your problem gets solved soon.
  10. Deviluke

    Bug with first initial in Hoenn

    Hi AndresSGC, Your Pokemon should have been sent to your pc when you first traveled to a new region. I would suggest posting under the Bug Report forum so a staff can help you resolve your issue. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/
  11. Deviluke

    When Sinnoh region?

    Soon™ It will be here eventually.
  12. Deviluke

    guess the new vanities

  13. Deviluke

    ShenAo region

    My dude, Sinnoh region has not been implemented yet. Just wait for it, it will be released one day.

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