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  1. Leave dat shit, u talk bad stuff
  2. Nice Work greetings from Kong the Funky himself :D
  3. Eggxactly (oh god this ones so bad)
  4. Yea it was always useless to play cc xd
  5. Collabed to be able to give ya 5x31 also!
  6. Shop reopened pm me stuff again boys
  7. @SebatTell me when your Suqad is rdy hehe Funk up ~
  8. Playing 15 Consecutive Matches can take a long time and i said bo1 would be better, but the more i think about it i want to challenge you guys to bo3 in all tiers, and i wanna play 500k or even 1m if possible tell me when u rdy hehe
  9. I exactly had the Idea, but vice verca and i take 1 match each tier since 15 games is a lot xd
  10. Getting into this Tourney's should work a bit differently, since just playing everything and still not winning any tourney should not reward someone into this. My Suggestion would be to let the People in based on getting 1st/2nd in the basic tourneys we play, since that feels for me more skill based (and more real life based lol) then just play every tourney and get basically a free spot. Hope some understand where i want this to go.
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