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  1. Funkykong

    kyu hat

    LF more heart warm people like him
  2. Funkykong

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Brasil vs Germany Doubles: CleytonVale vs Funkykong Any bets against me? @CleytonVale? Others? ;)
  3. Funkykong

    World Cup week #4

    in 11 Hrs from now
  4. I'm not breeding such high IV's sorry
  5. Funkykong

    PokeMMO-Player of the Year-2019

    Getting into this Tourney's should work a bit differently, since just playing everything and still not winning any tourney should not reward someone into this. My Suggestion would be to let the People in based on getting 1st/2nd in the basic tourneys we play, since that feels for me more skill based (and more real life based lol) then just play every tourney and get basically a free spot. Hope some understand where i want this to go.
  6. Funkykong

    can close please :]

    I left some stuff over for ya lul
  7. Funkykong

    can close please :]

    I buy everything bye all yaya
  8. Finished now my 50th breed hue thx for the support bois
  9. Funkykong

    Lookin' for Love (Thursday, Feb. 14th)

    Seems like shiny prizes die out </3 like me on 14th lo
  10. Funkykong

    Need custom breeding done and need lv100 trainer

    Thx for mentioning :3 so yea dray if you still need more breeds pm me ingame again :)
  11. Funkykong

    [NU] Heavy Metal (Saturday, March 9th)

    @DarylDixon get that boiii
  12. Funkykong

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    No bets on me rip

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