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  1. Funkykong

    Villa Gathering II Discussion

    5 Tiers sounds nice, everything else went pretty smooth, was mroe fun then normal TT kappa
  2. Funkykong

    Attention all gamblers

    make some other flips and i end it k fam?
  3. Funkykong

    Attention all gamblers

    thought about 10m tho Also dont wanna end it in like 1 coin flip :c
  4. Funkykong

    Attention all gamblers

    hehe seems funny tell me
  5. Funkykong

    wts vanities

  6. Funkykong

    Attention all gamblers

    How much is that? I'm tempted
  7. Funkykong

    Tearon's Daycare EV/Leveling Service. OPEN!

    Tell me, when u rdy i got more then enough work
  8. Funkykong

    Koop's breeding service

    She left the Game Mods can close:/
  9. Seasonals out no limiteds :/ will there pop up limiteds @Darkshade:o
  10. We gotta make the Boss harder !!!
  11. Funkykong

    Kill Horde instantly Feature

    Admins any statement? @Kyu @Squirtle @Desu
  12. Funkykong

    WTB OU Comps // WTB Shiny Starter Gen 1/3

    Got some OU's need still more now!
  13. Funkykong

    Kill Horde instantly Feature

    I would really appreciate it, if a horde would get instantly killed by Field-Moves like Surf, Earthquake, Rock Slide, etc. Look at this example here: This makes Eving much easier and less stressfull for us all, since let's be honest it's just time consuming and nothing else! :) (Don't forget to vote up)

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