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  1. Leave dat shit, u talk bad stuff
  2. Nice Work greetings from Kong the Funky himself :D
  3. Eggxactly (oh god this ones so bad)
  4. Can confirm he is as trustfull as me <3
  5. @MathewMatthis is some real reason to join :D
  6. Yea it was always useless to play cc xd
  7. Storytime: There was ones a young trainer a Fan of Pokemon as described in the books, that had the goal to be the very best. He started his journey in December 2012. He slowly beat all the Gyms, runs the Sevii-Islands and beats the Leahue finally...but what now? Viridian City. The Spot where all behin and all ends :D. But what to do there? Right Comp and Trading. And since i had no clue what OU or UU is meaning i slowly started to begin to trade. Surprisingly for me it was easy then I thought, many good deals mostly nice Profit and slowly growing Wealth :3. So I started to set myself goals get this Shiny/this Vanity...until at some point I hit 100m, a Kyu Hat :) then continued, slowly but steady, until you come into the game Doc :P I ve reached the point to get my hands on a shiny riolu which i really loved and really liked and i would have just let go for a very special offer, which i finally gotten from you :D that riolu is this tourneys prize and i hope you all Enjoy this and will take part here :)
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