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  1. The team preview has allowed me to make good strategies with zoroark, especially when I use it with my tentacruel, avoiding getting hurt by a psychic type attack since zoroark is immune it was a great implementation. By the way, here is the template of my zoroark and the tentacruel Zoroark @ Choice Band Ability: Illusion EVs: 100 Atk / 228 SpA / 180 Spe Hasty Nature - Trick - U-turn - Snarl - Flamethrower Tentacruel @ Black Sludge Ability: Liquid Ooze EVs: 252 HP / 240 SpD Sassy Nature - Toxic spikes - Rapid Spi
  2. It's not a bad idea ..., however, the cooperative battles would not be as coordinated as a simple double combat can be, these would be ... erratic, I think
  3. Nice Work bro, Congratulations :3
  4. Also perform the calculation of +10%, however, 3000x10/100 = +300
  5. If the EXP CHARM grants a 25% exp bonus, why am i only receiving +150 exp with the hordes of golducks?, I have made the respective calculations to verify if that experience was obtained correctly...but Adding that i also have the bonus from the donor state, i feel that u made a bad calculation
  6. Narrador


    well...u have bad luck, lmao
  7. Edniss I love the way you see things and even with the observation of the complaints you made it is true that everyone complains, but it is evident when something looks something unfair from their point of view, there is nothing left but to try to understand them , I had the problem in carmin to fish magikarps with 1% health and use Ultraball in it and get out of it, I do not complain about that (I only say it because sometimes it also bothers me, however, it is not a complaint.)
  8. It does not seem like a bad idea, however ... I do not think many people like it, personally I like it, but I do not have the same tastes as others
  9. There are some players that change the soundtrack to the Roms, you could find some of them and ask them to make you a Rom with the soundtrack that you like.
  10. Existen NPC en Unova los cuales hablan otro idioma(Los mochileros) esos están diseñados de esa manera y por cuya razón te sale aquel error, sin embargo esto no afecta en nada al funcionamiento del juego ni nada, solo son NPC a los que no se les tradujo el dialogo por cuestiones de diseño y ya.
  11. Mmm...it sounds tempting, however, i see much more important other arrangements in the META game many more important than this.
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