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  1. I mean I thin its just hats/head gear, but whats the key word to search in GTL for the ones that have that half pokeball logo on them?
  2. wait you can do that?! you mean I could trade with myself?! not be cheated or wait forever?!
  3. I mean once I encountered 10 eevees in 24 minutes. BEST DAY EVER! Think it was the time of day, because I never been able to repeat that stroke of luck ever again! so anyone know the peek GT for Eevee?
  4. I was resizing the window and it ended up like this. I cant seem to move it at all. Any advice/solution?
  5. as in are there Artisan Caves to find smeargle in Kanto and/or Unova, or just in Hoen?
  6. any of you hard core cosmetic buyers know which items might come close? if any?
  7. that worked! thanks so much man! if someone could lock this topic that be great!
  8. the smeargle is not ev trained, its speed is 0! the vileplume speed is 252
  9. the smeargle is not ev trained, its speed is 0! the vileplume speed is 252
  10. I have a lvl 62 Vileplume, and im trying to teach my smeargle to learn sweet sent from a wild smeargle, but the wild one lvl 45-49 always goes first! I also tried doubles battle but my smeargle lvl 42 also always goes first for some reason. So what lvl do I have to get my Vileplume to so it will go first?
  11. I had a wild smeargle learn surf in battle, then i used my smeargle to sketch it from the wild smeargle. It had learned surf, everything was ok, but today after I went to the Pokemon Center Surf had turned back into sketch. Is this normal? did I mention it was PP maxed out
  12. just curios howd you manage to teach it those moves? like the exact process?
  13. can you only buy a choice scarf from GTL? or where did the sellers get them from?
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