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  1. Is there any discussion thread relatively close to discussion among the few in it?
  2. Draekk I am alive my guy, where is Riga? I miss you guys!
  3. Draek is online the one time I'm inactive for a couple months smh..
  4. On another note, the holidays are gone. Don't expect anything new now for awhile..
  5. Bring it back please. "Clubs" sound like I'm in some thing from high school..
  6. The E4 is a pain in the .... You get what I'm saying..
  7. I know a someone who would actually rather shiny hunt than do this lol..
  8. 2019 is your year @Bestfriends make it count bro!
  9. This. I'd actually play LC then lol...
  10. Aerun has agreed to give us all a shiny this Christmas, thanks pleb. The love is reel
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