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  1. You are totally right, that what i'am looking, I need this option to help my friend if i have irl stuff and i cant take stuff back, add a cooldown in the Lending like "20 days" and after 20 days, your Pokemon back to you. Thanks for supporting hope to have more opinion about this suggestion, have a nice day or night!
  2. I dont really think, price shouldnt change and trade will not change, that can only work for guildmate or good friend, no possible to said in Trade chat "Want to lend Scizor, 100k" Price is so high in this game imo..
  3. Hello, i found this idea important, ive got a lot of PM's from Newbie who ask me if i can lend them some pokemon for stories or leagues. But i dont believe in them. So i want to ask a special option in Trade/Battle menu called "Lending option" Example : You can add a 2 days and after you get your Pokemon back in your party or Boxes. Thanks for reading and have a nice day PokeMMO community!
  4. Welcome here! Have fun with us!
  5. CobrageVGC


    Welcome back to PokeMMO. Hope you had fun here.
  6. I dont know you. But Welcome back to this game have fun here!
  7. You can add some news skins in PokeMMO, im pretty sure you can found some Artist in this game. Add a present system the Christmas day, should be fine, i dont really enjoy this event this year, not like i saw in PokeMMO video of 2016/2017 event. But you do event in this game and its fine, we cant blame you for this, you helped game a lot. Thanks for reading and have a nice day Kyuu!
  8. Welcome to PokeMMO, enjoy your stay! Have fun, free to pm if you need help (Cobragee or discord) Have a nice day cya!
  9. Hey welcome Penny, you have same name like a staff but with a type before! Have fun here! :P
  10. Merci beaucoup pour le guide Edniss! Utile à un point!
  11. I think, it will come in 2 months or less, staff will test for saw if he have any bugs/glitch. Just be patient! Have a nice day guys!
  12. Welcome to PokeMMO! Enjoy your stay here! Have fun! :D
  13. Thanks, just wait 24th, its like your present, you need to wait.
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