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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/11-rules-for-ingame-forums/
  2. cancelled request until i have enough money for this piece of art
  3. Hi, anyone has any recent good game to play on PC please? i would prefer a german game but i like games in english too i guess i make this topic for people looking for new games too
  4. @RakuenX Let's change the character (the renders of Ikuto Tsukiyomi aren't easy to find, sorry). Form ➥ Character : Jellal Fernandes with his hood on his head (from Fairy Tail) ➥ Background : I would like something dark if possible ➥ Text : Ikuto ➥ Animated : Yes if possible ➥ Donation : I will donate 60k or more
  5. Hey, glad to be in your team, see you in game!

    1. xRdZiiiN


      ^.^' enjoy ur stay.

  6. Hey, glad to be in your team, see you in game!

  7. Thank you @RedDragonERa for the invitation! Glad to be there.
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