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  1. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/announcement/11-rules-for-ingame-forums/
  2. cancelled request until i have enough money for this piece of art
  3. you can edit the size on the forums double click it
  4. Hi, anyone has any recent good game to play on PC please? i would prefer a german game but i like games in english too i guess i make this topic for people looking for new games too
  5. @RakuenX Let's change the character (the renders of Ikuto Tsukiyomi aren't easy to find, sorry). Form ➥ Character : Jellal Fernandes with his hood on his head (from Fairy Tail) ➥ Background : I would like something dark if possible ➥ Text : Ikuto ➥ Animated : Yes if possible ➥ Donation : I will donate 60k or more
  6. Hey, glad to be in your team, see you in game!

    1. xRdZiiiN


      ^.^' enjoy ur stay.

  7. Hey, glad to be in your team, see you in game!

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