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  1. yes ^^ the PC Expansion ticket is sold for 800 reward points in the gift shop <3
  2. can anyone tell me how to get this to work for PokeMMO? I downloaded the patch and used Lunar IPS to patch a fresh fire red rom and then Selected it in pokemmo's client.....but no moemon. just normal mons
  3. they give us more fashion like this last one, we give them monies, they use monies to pay their bills and fund their game, we get the updates everyone is always begging for faster! TADA!
  4. I'm gonna start it off with Pikachu Outfit and Hood <3 so KAWAII! Also Eevee! if you can make a racoon tail you can make an eevee tail :D Also dragon costumes! Finally give the guys something really cool to wear XD The sky is teh limit so.... NOPE! This is about fashion! ^.~ more pokemon cosplay <<<< BESIDES those other topics you mentioned are ran into the ground 24/7 Why would i add to it? Ever hear don't beat a dead horse? They know we want those things too i promise ^^ shhhhh~ and guess what?...the more money PokeMMO makes the more they have to work with, and the faster we get updates that matter <3 everyone wins!
  5. Super simple....see all those people buying the Duskull Hoods and Cloaks? mkay. See how much money that made you? mkay. We like that ^^ we enjoy dressing as our favorite pokemon. More pokemon cosplay please ^.~ and Ty! POKEMON SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? >:D Starters? Eeveelutions? Megas? Others?
  6. they were sold a long time ago ^^; for some reason they took them from the gift shop. i think they were like $10 or $15 each. This was back in 2016 i believe its in the tree just outside of the safari zone btw ^^
  7. I agree! \^.^/ We need to be able to place more than 24 max items in secret bases! we have so much creativity to let out! For super small bases like mine even i wish it was up to 30 atleast >3> i has more dolls and water balloons and music note pads to use.
  8. Contact me soon please ^^ i'll pay a lot for quality work! Template Name: SacredGift Team: [êggs] [LËM] [MéTá] all small across the bottom Render/Character: This girl. there are several versions of her but im sure you'll pick the best one She's the ghost of lavender town. Type of artwork: I want her in it with a creepy smile and i want her to be holding a clefable doll and a gengar doll while the Pokemon Tower Ghost fazes in and out of site behind her as if it wants to posses her. This is the pokemon tower ghost (Example below) want your own pure creativity Color:Purple is my fav
  9. o.o i need a signature in mah life, anyone know someone that can make really nice ones? banners too? ^^;
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