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  1. mienfoo gives no problems like recycle, see pokemon like drifloon, trubbish, bronzo, munchlax, they are constantly doing that is annoying.
  2. if they ban sand trap, they also ban recycling, which is more annoying than sand trap.
  3. ING: aldahirramirez Reason: This would be my first PSL, and I would like to have the experience of how it is. Preferred Tiers: NU, LC, OU, UU, DOUBS. Competitive accolades: some tournaments won. Discord Contact: aldahir123#7782 Other random stuff: Someone is hungry?
  4. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: Pâst Registered Players: aldahirramirez, Hernjet, harlamgamer, Fibraxxxx, MathewGG, JakiroMax, StoKesAR, EverJr, VelociraptorL, Iuisito, robertramirez, Joelxc, DarkarArtz, waltersot, Devilongo. Captain Team: aldahirramirez
  5. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast TeamTag: Pâst Registered Players: aldahirramirez, huargensy, fibraxxxx, velociraptorl, harlamgamer, Hernjet, ZeknShooter, RobertRamirez, JakiroMax, MathewGG, TiburoncinDS, StoKesAR, KanekiXTG Captain team: Huargensy
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