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  1. My English is poor I suggest that you develop IOS, which can be mounted on IOS in the form of enterprise certificates. My reason is: I think technically, without jailbreak, you have the ability to do it. IOS is strict, and has a large number of users. Why don't you believe they will like this classic game? My idea: it's really convenient to play this on mobile phones. Unfortunately, only Android can experience it. I hope you value this part of IOS. Thank you! Personally, I like to play in my spare time. You can relax. For example, I hope to support IOS version in my spare time, though it is more difficult. Finally, thank you. 我建议您开发IOS,它可以以企业证书的形式安装在IOS上。 我的理由是:我认为从技术上讲,没有越狱,你是有能力做到。IOS是严格的,拥有大量的用户。你为什么不相信他们会喜欢这个经典的游戏呢? 我的想法是:在手机上玩这个真的很方便。不幸的是,只有Android才能体验到。 我希望你重视IOS的这一部分。谢谢你! 就我个人而言,我喜欢在业余时间玩。你可以放松。例如,我希望在工作空闲时间娱乐 我希望能够支持IOS版本,虽然难度很大。最后,谢谢你。
  2. I don't have a Android phone. I have no plan to buy it. Only hope that the development team will notice the IOS environment. 我没有安卓手机,暂时没有计划去购买。只希望开发组能注意到ios环境
  3. 如何在论坛回复某一个人 How to reply to someone in forum
  4. 那真的是很失望 That's really disappointing. 电脑和笔记本太不方便了 Computers and notebooks are too inconvenient. 那真的是很失望 That's really disappointing. 电脑和笔记本太不方便了 Computers and notebooks are too inconvenient.
  5. Hope to support IOS system There are also some people in the IOS system who are unable to play pokemmo freely. Computers, notebooks are not very suitable for a scenario, and they want a IOS version.
  6. I suggest you get out of the IOS version. IOS has some groups. Please do not neglect it. Thank you.
  7. Apple has a certificate to download, as long as the user gives permission.
  8. 那我很伤心,真希望出个ios版本,安卓都已经出好几个月了, I'm very sad. I really hope to have a IOS version. Android has been on the market for several months.
  9. Is there a plan to support the iOS system? 有计划支持ios系统吗? IOS is also part of the population, hoping to support. IOS系统也是一部分人群。
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