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  1. Yes I have tried to check in every herbal shops of each region, there isnt any. The %tage of getting revival herb by picking up in the berry forest is way too low to me, it's hard to believe some people manage to get 99+ just like that. I tried cleaning over a 100 hordes there, just got a few sun stones and miracle seeds.
  2. Hey, I'm simply wondering what would be the best location to get Revival Herbs. I saw on the forum Berry Forest is the spot, but you can only get it through pick up among plenty of other items, so it seems to me that chances are pretty low. I have seen people selling 99 revival herbs on GTL and I hardly believe it only came from Pick up in Berry Forest. Or some people truly set up camp there... Anyway, if anyone got another location for pick up Revival Herbs or maybe the name of a Pokemon holding it, it would be a great help. Thanks in advance !
  3. Otherwise we can join this idea with the other thread about reverse candy. Would bring the same effect.
  4. PP stall suicune, oh yeah !
  5. Well the main part of the event is finished tho (pumpking, children). This topic was about Pumpking and special candys from the beginning, not about particles.
  6. I'm at UTC +7, I went to sleep around 11pm, event was still on, so i made a guess. Admins maybe used Chinese time zone (which is close to mine). Anyway the point is it was 5th somewhere in the world.
  7. I wasnt logged in at that time but it seems to me it ended on 5th at 00:01 am UTC, which somehow is logical. Keeping your special candys until 4th November 11pm was a greedy risk.
  8. I gave up on the wild toxic orb, not worth the time invested on it compare to the price in GTL or in BP.
  9. Yes I meant you can only get a bonus of +1 extra IV per master category ribbon per poke. So basically if you can get every master ribbons of every categories, it brings you +1 in 5 different stats. It could be helpful for some poke with only one gender which are troublesome to breed and which needs +1 extra stat (from 29 to 30 or 30 to 31). Or even duo gender poke you dont want to breed again and which lack of 1 IV to get that extra point of stats. Overall the time to spend on getting the master ribbon would probably be longer than the one to get your 31 IV poke (except for solo gender poke, might be worth it) but for those who want to do something different than the usual money farming for breeding, it could bring an alternative choice in this game. Plus somehow it would improve the economy of some berries which are needed for pokeblocks.
  10. That's too bad Pokemmo doesnt give any rewards or bonus for poke with contest ribbons (mostly when you get lvl max difficulty), it would make this feature much more interesting and it would attract more people. It's just an example, but they could match the different contest categories to pokemon stats and give you an extra IV stat when you get the highest ribbon of the category. Let's say you have a gyarados with 30 IV in Attack, instead of breeding him, you take part to the contest in the Toughness category and when you get the master ribbon in this category, your poke receives an extra +1 in his Attack IV.
  11. Claydol hold Light Clay Cofagrigus hold Spell Tag Pelipper hold Damp Rock Absol hold Life Orb You should remove Persian from Amulet Coin holders too ^^ PS: This guide is great but if admins could add the held items to the pokedex, it would save a lot of time for everybody (mostly new players). Upvote this one down here!
  12. I think I prefer Frisk and trick (it avoids me using thief on every Muk i encounter) PS: Dont now if its related to this post but they are many new people farming Muk compare to yesterday... xD
  13. Yes i saw that and it also has Fling which seems to toss the item... Im actually tricking the item right away to check it and avoid Fling, then if its the right one, i will just capture the muk
  14. @EazyL Would you happen to know for Rocky Helmet too? I'm wondering if it's only obtainable through BP or if it can be loot on a poke?
  15. Ok I see, I will try a bit more then. Thanks
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