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  1. Was Outrage once base 90 in the original game? Edit: Nvm I just checked it was before 4G. Didnt remember that. In this case let put it back to 120, there isnt fairy type but there are plenty of steel mons in the top tiers to counter it. (ferro, skarmory, metagross, bronzong, foretress, magne, exca, etc...). Its easy to bring out a steel physical wall to block it once the dragon got blocked on outrage for 2-3 turns and will get confusion after that.
  2. Up ! Even an increase base 100 would make the move worth it.
  3. All pokes have max EVs but IVs arent that good, some are gift poke from the story, some are half breed ones but all lvl 100. Do you think it might be related to the E4 pokemons lvls?
  4. Now we got the team review, I think bringing Outrage back to 120 power instead of 90 might be interesting. That move is useless right now because most people choose dragon claw which has the same power but without the confusion side effect. With the team review it is easy to check if there is a dragon in the opponent team and prepare its defense against it (steel mons, physical walls, etc) which was one of the main reason Outrage got nerfed before. Players just had to bring their dragons on a check/counter, set them with dragon dance and wipe out the opponent team with outrage. There is now a way to see it coming. It wouldnt be outrageous to bring outrage back to its original power.
  5. Damn are u misunderstanding everything on purpose? When i talked about "my point", I was talking about the fact that even with 30% flinch rate on Air Slash, Togekiss would still be playable because of its stats and many possible builds. Read previous posts before to comment. I keep repeating the same things.
  6. U dont understand my point. If Togekiss had only one build with this 60% flinch, it wouldnt be a problem that much, there would be counters to it and end of the problem. But cz he can run many different builds which all get boosted with this 60% flinch rate, thats what makes it too strong. You cant be prepared to every of his builds. Thats what you already did with Nasty plot Cofa, Misdreavus, Outrage dragons, Draco meteor Hydrei. I dont see how nerfing serena grace or limiting the flinch rate to 30% would be that different.
  7. If Togekiss got scarf and flinch u 3 times in a row, your milotic is dead you know. It may counters NP build but not the scarf one. His 60% flinch rate and his build versatility makes it hard to get prepared for.
  8. U dont seem to understand english or u cant read properly. The topic is about serena grace/flinch yes, and I suggested to nerf the flinch rate to 30% maximum to make things healthier because even with a 30% flinch rate Togekiss would still be a good mon thank to its stats and movepool.
  9. As I said, Togekiss isnt strong just beause of his 60% flinching otherwise it wouldnt be that troublesome. It got good stats and a nice moveset. Im ready to bet it would still be played.
  10. I dont think so, 30% flinch NP is still strong against stall. It also can be played as support with heal bell, wish, defog, etc. People would maybe play it less but it doesnt mean it wouldnt be played anymore.
  11. I dont think banning togekiss is the solution either. Dont need to go that far. It's an interesting pokemon to play in comp. The only thing which needs to be done is to limit the flinch rate to 30%. It would keep the RNG aspect but without being too broken.
  12. @mago1993 I checked In Game at my instance menu and it said 75+ of E4 at 2nd time, while when I fought the Unova league every pokemons had lvls 85+. So basically it means there is another factor which affects the lvl of E4 pokemons. Even if its only your 2nd time, but you come with a full team lvl 100, their poke will be at least 85+ instead of 75+. I will make a suicide try again with a low lvl team to see if lvls are different or not. But just like with Gym Trainers, I think lvls of our team affect the lvls of their teams.
  13. Ok I will try on my computer. I tried to look with Android version, I dont see "instances" menu.
  14. Well I'm sorry to tell you but you were wrong. I did Unova E4 for the 2nd time (after story time), I went there with 1 poke lvl 70 and 5 poke lvl 100. Average lvls of E4 pokemons were 85+. Which means either you are wrong saying the 2nd time is 70+ or E4 lvls really depends on your own pokemons lvls.
  15. Ok thank you for the answer ! Then I can freely mix some lvl 100 poke with poke 60-70 to lvl up when I beat up Unova E4 the 2nd time. Their lvls shouldnt exceed lvl 80.
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