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  1. Ok thank you for the answer ! Then I can freely mix some lvl 100 poke with poke 60-70 to lvl up when I beat up Unova E4 the 2nd time. Their lvls shouldnt exceed lvl 80.
  2. Then can you tell me more of less at which lvls will be pokemons the 2nd time (after story time) and the 3rd time? (4th time I got it they will be lvl 100). Is it the same for each region?
  3. It doesnt answer my question and I dont remember quoting ur pseudo either. I asked him about the scaling lvls of pokemons in E4 since he seemed to know a lot about it. In most of the guides about E4 in the forum, it always says lvl 100 after 3 times (not including story time) but it never says the lvls of E4 at the 1st and 2nd times. That's what I asked for. And to know if the lvl scaling is fixed or if it depends of my own team lvls. If you know the answer feel free to answer it otherwise let the person I questioned answers me.
  4. @Risadex I have a question for you. Do you know how the pokemons lvl up of E4 is working? I have beat up the e4 of Hoenn a few times, same for Kanto but it was completely different for each region. For example I started playing Pokemmo in Hoenn, I beat up the E4 the first time with lvls around 55+. Then I did it 2 more times and lvls were 65+ the 2nd times then 75+ the third time. So basically it climbed up 10lvls by 10. But when I did Kanto E4, the first time was like around 60. I thought the 2nd time would be around 70 but no, it was directly 80+. Why did it climb up that much? Is there a relation with the lvls of my own pokemons? Or dos it climb up 20 by 20 lvls in Kanto? I'm about to do Unova for the 2nd time and I have no idea what team should I bring to do it. I would like to lvl up a bit some pokemons lvl 60-70+ but im afraid to face up E4 with poke lvl 80+ again. I could also take a full team lvl 100 directly but if the lvls of poke depends on my own poke lvls then I will face up E4 with 90-100 pokes which might costs me quite a lot of items...
  5. Bubaili

    A very salty boi

    Ofc its frustrating to loose vs stall when you play an offense team cz stall players dont need to use their brain that much to win. I agree with ur point about that but its not like there was no ways to deal with it. Even without togekiss.
  6. Bubaili

    A very salty boi

    252+ Atk Life Orb Lucario Close Combat vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Chansey: 338-400 (94.9 - 112.3%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO 252 Atk Life Orb Mienshao High Jump Kick vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Chansey: 361-429 (101.4 - 120.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO I guess you dont choose the right mons
  7. Bubaili

    PokeMMO OU Teambuilding Compendium

    Was about to ask too. I wondered if there was a secret build I never heard about... Anyway good job here, a very useful thread !
  8. Bubaili

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    Just saying... I honestly dont mind about Togekiss in pvp, i got ways to deal with but the hax clause doesnt make any sense if we keep togekiss with serena grace. Besides on Pokemmo it's not the first time one pokemon in particular got nerfed (hi Draco meteor hydreigon)
  9. Bubaili

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    Still a flinch at 50% or over should be forbidden otherwise why not allow king's rock too? There are pokemons with inner focus as you mentioned some. They can perfectly counter it.
  10. Bubaili

    I'd like a clear understanding here

    We obviously didnt play the same game. I dont remember having quick attack ratata sweeping my whole team...
  11. Bubaili

    Togekiss with Nastly Pot

    Honestly when I see the Hax clause which forbids items like King's Rock affecting Hax during battles I wonder why Togekiss Serenity Grace ability is not forbidden too. It works with the same effect. Togekiss would remain strong anyway because of its stats and move pool and it would have 30% flinch like the rest of the pokemons.
  12. Bubaili

    Capture Legendary Pokemons

    As long as they remain out of the competition or get their own tier (Uber). I dont mind about it. That's not my case but I can totally understand if some people prefer to focus more on role play than competition. That's the point of RPG too. Upvoted.
  13. Being able to check his pc In Game would be convenient. We can already check the GTL and even buy from it (send to box) so why not check the pc too? Even without being able to move pokemons (deposit/withdraw) it would help in certain situations.
  14. Bubaili

    Pokemon Massager in Unova

    If it is indeed a bug why is it possible to use the massage the first time you go across the story and come to Castelia City? It should either not be possible from the first or be possible once a day like in Kanto. Right now it is half way, so I just wonder if it could be fixed !
  15. Bubaili

    Pokemon Massager in Unova

    Hello guys, I have a question and suggestion in the same time. Actually the only way to give a massage to your pokemon in order to increase their happiness is to bring it to Blue's sister in Pallet Town once every day. There is yet another pokemon massager in Castelia City in Unova in the left building of the first street (coming from the right). I have been trying to bring her my pokemon to get massage, it worked the first time I went across the story but since that time it doesnt work anymore. She keeps saying something like "I'm still tired from the massage, come back later". So I wonder if it was intentionally made to give massage only once or if it is a bug? In any case it would great to give us the possibility to get pokemon massage from that npc as well as Blue's sister. It would help a lot to breed pokemons which only evolve with happiness and which cant give eggs as baby (hi Lucario) if we can ensure +60 happiness once a day thank to that two npc. I wouldnt mind if we get less than 60 happiness since there would be two npc instead of one, but at least since there is another massager, make it useful :)

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