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  1. 奖励将通过邮箱的方式发送,请以下玩家注意查收 171 daizw 铁壳昆19:40【第一名】 170 xiaoyouggg 铁壳昆 19:14【第二名】 168 Jphl 绿毛虫 19:39【第三名】 16 YPPD 独角虫 7:20 【非酋奖】 yywzm 闪了铁甲蛹19:16 【特殊奖】 Cmonet 闪了绿毛虫 19:25 YPPD 闪了咕咕 19:35 wsfgydxbb 闪了绿毛虫 19:54 Tinyunmiang 闪了铁壳昆 19:55
  2. Yes, that's what I mean
  3. First of all, my English is not very good.,My suggestion is that,The trainer's card, Shiny Pokmon, shows the number of encounters he has had。 I come from China, and apart from some PVP players, most Chinese players in this game have no interest in PVP, and they just want to collect some Shiny Pokemon, so this small change will inspire a lot of players to improve player retention 首先,我的英语不是很好,我的意见是,在训练家卡片上,显示第八代的类似遭遇闪光的次数判定。 我来自中国,本游戏除了一些PVP玩家,大部分的中国玩家对PVP没有兴趣,他们只想收集一些shiny pokemon,所以这一个小小的改动,将大量激励一些玩家,提高玩家留存。
  4. Thank you for sharing.But a group of people are really happy to play together.lol(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
  5. My English is not very good. I mean, after a day's test, we've had a record of more than 20 shiny pokemons.
  6. If the first shiny Pokemon appears in time, such as on the grass or on the water surface. There is a chance that a second shiny pokemon, or even a third one, will appear in the same place. Through our long arrest, the highest probability is more than 20 shiny pokemons a day.
  7. Hello, I am the captain of shiny pokemon in China. As you mentioned, I carry nearly 100 players to try to catch shiny pokemon, but they will not stay in one place for long, usually 45 minutes. According to my experience, this is the refresh time of the server.
  8. Open a website or game every day
  9. 10000-100000??Maybe it's more than that
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